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School Of Business

If the challenge of the business world excites you, then this School is your best start. Discover a wide range of study areas that cover key sectors such as accountancy, media, F&B, tourism, law, logistics and marketing. Each course curricula is specially tailored and industry relevant — and our dedicated Centres of Excellence will further hone your practical skills to transform you into the next generation of domain experts.


Furthermore, you can expect to undergo training in the fields of critical thinking, communication, leadership and entrepreneurship, which will prove invaluable when you eventually join the real workforce or decide on a business start-up of your own!

Diploma Courses

Established in 1990, the school continues to grow and update our curricula to the current 8 diplomas. We also offer a special Common Business Programme that allows you to explore your interests and strengths in your first semester with us.

Common Business Programme (T01)

Have you set your sights on a business course but need some time to explore the many possibilities it offers? Look no further! Our Common Business Programme...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 15 points
2021 Planned Intake: 310
Diploma in Accountancy & Finance (T02)

One is good but two is always better! This course will provide you with a dual specialisation in both accountancy and finance – giving you the ultimate...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 12 points
2021 Planned Intake: 115
Diploma in Business (T10)

Get ready to excel in the fast-paced and dynamic world of business! With our broad-based and holistic curriculum, you will acquire a firm foundation in...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 5 - 14 points
2021 Planned Intake: 170
Diploma in Communications & Media Management (T40)

If a dynamic career in the media and communications industry excites you, this course is for you. We focus on key skills demanded by the industry such...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 13 points
2021 Planned Intake: 85
Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management (T18)

Is it your goal to open a restaurant or café? Join the most established Polytechnic Culinary Diploma where we will ‘Develop your Chef Potential’. Choose...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 8 - 18 points
2021 Planned Intake: 70
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (T08)

Are you a people-person who loves to solve problems creatively and to make someone’s day? Join us as we delve into the “business of happiness” to create...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 8 - 17 points
2021 Planned Intake: 146
Diploma in International Trade & Logistics (T07)

With more consumers turning to e-commerce for all their needs and international trade increasing exponentially, the demand for logistics professionals...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 11 - 17 points
2021 Planned Intake: 70
Diploma in Law & Management (T09)

Law affects all areas of life, and studying it will give you the edge in meeting the challenges of the working world. This course will teach you the theoretical...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 3 - 11 points
2021 Planned Intake: 110
Diploma in Marketing (T67)

If you bought a product after seeing it being advertised, you were influenced by the power of Marketing. In today’s competitive commercial environment...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 15 points
2021 Planned Intake: 75

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar AY2021/2022

April Semester Period October Semester Period
Term 1 19 Apr – 13 Jun 2021 Term 3 18 Oct - 19 Dec 2021
Term Break 14 Jun - 27 Jun 2021 Term Break 20 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022
Term 2 28 Jun - 15 Aug 2021 Term 4 03 Jan - 13 Feb 2022
Study Week 16 Aug - 22 Aug 2021 Study Week 14 Feb - 20 Feb 2022
Semestral Examinations 23 Aug - 3 Sep 2021 Semestral Examinations
21 Feb - 4 Mar 2022
Vacation 4 Sep - 17 Oct 2021 Vacation 5 Mar - 17 Apr 2022

Make-up classes could be arranged for lessons missed on eve of public holiday/public holiday.

April Mid-Semester Test : 7 Jun – 11 Jun 2021.
October Mid-Semester Test : 13 Dec – 17 Dec 2021.


School of Business is a place we call home to innovation and entrepreneurship. We achieve academic endeavor through imaginationideation and innovation by developing business related opportunities and bringing innovative projects to fruition. 


We are very proud of our students’ achievements over the years. We have received numerous awards which are a testament to the calibre of the students’ work.

About School of Business

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