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School Of Engineering 

If you love to question, discover, invent and create, welcome to the School of Engineering. In this age of rapid technological advancements, the need for innovative engineers is greater than ever across all sectors, opening up a wide range of career possibilities.


To meet the growing demands of today's digital economy, our school has established strengths in Aviation & Aerospace, Built Environment and Engineering. Take your pick from 10 exciting diploma courses and one Common Entry Programme – all designed to build a strong foundation and help you specialise in exciting engineering fields such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, aviation, sustainable energy, integrated facility management or biomedical engineering. 


With a robust technology innovation culture, you will have opportunities to work alongside leading industry partners and get hands-on training at our fully-equipped centres of excellence.


Join us today and kick-start your journey to become a versatile future-driven engineer.


Designing Tomorrow’s Engineers



Diploma Courses

Our School of Engineering has several notable niche areas, meaning, specific fields of study in which we have developed particular strength and expertise, and which is well supported by special facilities and equipment, as well as our industry-geared Centres of Excellence. These niche areas are in Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace & Aviation, Clean Energy, Robotics & Automation, Medical Technology, as well as Smart Technologies including the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Common Engineering Programme (T56)

Are you an aspiring engineer but are unsure of which engineering discipline to pursue? Our Common Engineering Programme is perfect for you. This programme is a common entry point to seven different engineering diploma courses, where you will take the same foundation subjects as students who...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 7 - 22 points
2022 Planned Intake: 475
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (T50)

It takes an amazing engineering crew working behind the scenes for an aircraft to take flight or even keep these large machines in tip-top condition....

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 8 - 18 points
2022 Planned Intake: 75
Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (T51)

Have you always been fascinated with the world of aircraft? Whether it's appreciating the complexity of a plane's engine or researching how heavy aircraft...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 4 - 16 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Architectural Technology & Building Services (T29)

We’ve all heard about climate change, but did you know that a building's design can play a part to combat it? With the Diploma in Architectural Technology...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 6 - 16 points
2022 Planned Intake: 75
Diploma in Aviation Management (T04)

We've got one of the best airports in the world right here in Singapore – now imagine running it. Turn that dream into reality by coming on board the...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 6 - 14 points
2022 Planned Intake: 75
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering (T38)

Ever wondered how medical devices that are used by doctors and nurses are designed? From developing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 to...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 6 - 13 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (T43)

Have an interest in both business and engineering? You don't have to pick one – get the best of both worlds with a Diploma in Business Process & Systems...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 8 - 18 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Computer Engineering (T13)

Digitalisation is taking over the world. By simply tapping on our smartphones, we can purchase products and have them delivered right to our doorstep....

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 5 - 13 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Electronics (T65)

From the smartphones we own to the electric cars we see on the roads, we live in a hyper-connected world driven by cutting-edge technologies. Electronic...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 9 - 16 points
2022 Planned Intake: 50
Diploma in Integrated Facility Management (T28)

Think you've got what it takes to manage establishments like Jewel Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay? The Diploma in Facilities Management will ensure...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 14 - 20 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Mechatronics (T66)

Welcome to the era of advanced manufacturing where humans, machines and systems, communicate and collaborate as one. The Diploma in Mechatronics equips...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 11 - 16 points
2022 Planned Intake: 50

Academic Calendar

AY2022/2023 Academic Calendar (except for School of Design)

April Semester Period October Semester Period
Term 1 18 Apr – 12 Jun 2022 Term 3 17 Oct – 18 Dec 2022
Term Break 13 Jun – 26 Jun 2022 Term Break 19 Dec 2022 – 2 Jan 2023
Term 2 27 Jun – 14 Aug 2022 Term 4 3 Jan – 12 Feb 2023
Study Week 15 Aug – 21 Aug 2022 Study Week 13 Feb – 19 Feb 2023
Semestral Examinations 22 Aug – 2 Sep 2022 Semestral Examinations
20 Feb – 3 Mar 2023
Vacation 3 Sep – 16 Oct 2022 Vacation 4 Mar – 16 Apr 2023

Make-up classes could be arranged for lessons missed on eve of public holiday/public holiday.

April Mid-Semester Test : 6 Jun – 10 Jun 2022
October Mid-Semester Test : 12 Dec – 16 Dec 2022

To view our School of Engineering monthly calendar for 2022, please click here.


In the School of Engineering, we strive to give students opportunities to explore the world, acquire a global perspective, expand their learning horizon, as well as learn about and understand worldwide industry trends and techniques in their respective fields of study.  Through these experiences, we take learning out of the classroom into the exciting world around us.  This is achieved through overseas study trips, overseas community projects, and the overseas internship programme.

Awards & Scholarships

For Sec School / ITE Teachers


Enrichment workshops, short courses and lab tours are conducted for secondary school students.  Designed to equip participants with new skill-sets in the latest technologies in specific engineering domains, these complimentary activities also provide a quick insight into the exciting world of engineering today!


To view our catalogue of available activities for secondary school students, click here.

Centres of Excellence


Centres of Excellence are the nerve centres of research & development in our school; they spearhead technological developments, support teaching and learning, and facilitate collaboration with our industry partners.


More Info

Find out more about us and what we do at the School of Engineering!


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