Sec School and ITE Students

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Enrichment workshops, short courses, lab tours and career talks are conducted for secondary school and ITE students.  Designed to equip participants with new skill-sets in the latest technologies in specific engineering domains, these complimentary activities also provide a quick insight into the exciting world of engineering today!


Here are some of the activities that we have lined up for you!


+ Visits to Centres of Excellence

Add a visit to one of our labs and Centres of Excellence (the nerve centres of technology research & development in our School), as part of your itinerary when you visit us:


  • Robotics & Innovation Centre
  • Clean Energy Research Centre
  • Healthcare Engineering Centre
  • Digital Fabrication & Additive Manufacturing Centre
  • Advanced Manufacturing Centre
  • Physics Demo Lab
  • Engineering Demo Lab


+ Advanced Elective Modules (AEM)

Sign up for an AEM (Advanced Elective Module) to enrich your secondary school curriculum:


  • Behind the Scenes: The Making of Electronic Gadgets
  • Introduction on to Aviation & Aerospace
  • Appreciating 3D Printing with Mechatronics
  • Smart IoT Devices and Virtual Reality
  • Sustainable Design and Management
  • Innovative and Fun Engineering


+ Workshops
Participate in one of our hands-on workshops and get a sneak preview of what our students learn:


(Note: Due to safe distancing measures, some of these workshops may be conducted virtually; please check with us for more info).  


  • Built Environment Workshops
  • Introduction to Digital Architecture
  • Design Your Zero Energy Classroom
  • Fun with Light and Shadow Simulation
  • Peek into Sustainable Architecture & Engineering
  • Visualize Like a Built Environment Professional
  • Facility Management with BIM
  • Aerospace & Aviation Management Workshops
  • Introduction to Aviation Management
  • Appreciating Aviation & Aerospace
  • Healthcare & Biomedical Engineering Workshops
  • From Genome to Proteome
  • Healthcare Analytics – Basic Supervised Machine Learning
  • Make Your Own Paper Soap
  • Biomedical Online Simulation Games
  • Programming/Electronics/Robotics/Automation Workshops
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Build a Robot Responder
  • Making Things Smart
  • Programming and Control Made Easy
  • Introduction to Python
  • Fun with Cobots
  • Fun with Electronics
  • Learn To Program a Micro-Controller in 2 Hours
  • Build a Rain Water Detector 


+ Engineering Olympiad

Participate in our Engineering Olympiad, and stand to win a TP scholarship for your diploma studies at Temasek Polytechnic, worth $3,000 per year.  For more information, click here.


+ Outreach Talks

Teachers, do you want to organise an engineering career talk or exhibition for your students?  Get in touch with us!


+ Polytechnic Preparatory Programme

A special course designed for ITE students.  For more info, click here.



To view our catalogue of available activities for sec school and ITE students, click on this icon:


Students who wish to participate in any of the above activities, should liaise with your school teachers who will make the necessary arrangements with us.


For general enquiries, please contact:

Ms Lily Sing


Tel: 6780 5406