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Industry 4.0 is set to transform Singapore’s manufacturing sector, as more companies embrace advanced manufacturing technologies to increase their productivity and efficiency.


There is a real need to upskill our workforce and train our students to be ready for the job opportunities that accompany this development.


To support this transformation and prepare our manpower to be future-ready, TP has established a robust multidisciplinary ecosystem in advanced manufacturing that leverages our breadth of capabilities and key industry partnerships.

A vital component of this ecosystem, the TP Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC) is an applied and skills-based training centre for experiential learning and consultancy. AI-empowered and digitally driven, it is the place for learning about industry best practices, as well as developing innovative solutions.



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TP Centres and Capabilities for Advanced Manufacturing


Our engineers and scientists from these innovation centres, in collaboration with TP AMC, will integrate their core domain knowledge with data analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things to develop cutting-edge industrial solutions.


OMRON and our industry partners deploy technological expertise in key aspects of advanced manufacturing in TP AMC, making them ideal partners for Temasek Polytechnic.


Referencing the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index, TP AMC provides a systematic approach to assess manufacturing companies and enable them to start, scale and sustain their Industry 4.0 transformation.


Together, we aim to:

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