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There are many reasons why an education at Temasek Polytechnic is so highly recognised. Here're a few:



Credit Exemption

Learning Across Disciplines


Flexible Academic System for Teaching (FAST)

TP adopts the Flexible Academic System for Temasek (FAST), a system that matches your interest and aptitude to your pace of learning.


All course structures have three main categories of subjects:


TP Core Subjects

Compulsory personal-development subjects for all TP students.

E.g. Applied Principles for Effective Learning


Diploma Subjects

Subjects specific to your diploma course to provide the necessary technical training.


E.g. Criminal Law (Diploma in Law & Management), Foreign Exchange & Money Market (Diploma in Financial Business Informatics)

Credits & Exemptions

TP has and will continuously obtain accreditation with other educational institutions. What does this mean for you?


Graduates of TP can use the credits earned at TP to seek credit exemption for furthering your studies, such as in universities.


Applicants to TP can also gain credits from other institutions and use them towards meeting the minimum graduation requirements at TP.


For more information on this, you can visit our Admissions website.


Learning Across Disciplines

Students are often curious about disciplines outside of their diploma course, whether for personal interest or professional development.


This is why we expose our students to subjects beyond their diploma specialization, as well as those that promote character building and a global perspective.


Across the Polytechnic, entrepreneurial values are recognized, assimilated and developed in students. No matter which course of study or specialization area you choose, you will be given the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial talent.


Students who believe that have a solid entrepreneurial idea can also approach TP’s Entrepreneurship Centre, where they can seek support, advice and even funding.