AY2022 Tuition Fees for Temasek Polytechnic

1. The annual tuition fees for Singapore Citizens (SCs), Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) and International Students (IS) admitted in AY2022 to full-time diploma courses can be found in Table 1 below. 

Course Nationality  Tuition Fees*
New Students (AY2022 Intake)
SC $3,000
PR $6,200
IS $11,400


* SC and PR fees are before GST. The Government absorbs the GST chargeable on tuition fees payable by SC and PR students. Fees for IS are inclusive of GST.

2. Compared to the AY2021 intake, the fees for SC, PR and IS will increase by $100, $200 and $400 respectively.  

3. The polytechnic adopts a cohort-based fee structure for full-time diploma courses, which means that a student’s fees will remain unchanged for the duration of their course. Existing students will therefore pay the tuition fees that they have paid in AY2021 for the remaining duration of their course. 

4. Tuition fees are reviewed annually and adjusted where necessary to defray the cost of education and enable the polytechnic to continue to invest in capability-building initiatives to deliver high-quality education. 

5. The Government continues to heavily subsidise the cost of a polytechnic education for Singaporeans. Additional financial support is also available to SC students from low to middle-income families through various financial assistance schemes, so that no student will be denied the opportunity of a polytechnic education because of financial difficulties. For more information on the financial assistance schemes available, you can refer to Financial Assistance Schemes page.

6. For further queries, you can contact our team overseeing Student Finance at 67804202.