TP Oei – new app to make your life easier

By Jared Behan Wong Shen Wei



Lost on campus and not sure how to get to the canteen? Forgot how to get to your classroom for the next lesson? Fret not, because TP Oei is here to help.


On 26 Oct 2020, the student mobile app TP Oei was finally launched after six months of discussion and development. Now students can enjoy the features and benefits of this app. Conceived by a cross-functional team across Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) schools and departments, TP Oei is a state-of-the-art mobile app aimed at eliminating a key pain point identified by students and staff: communication. One of the most common complaints was that information was being disseminated via multiple platforms and channels. The idea to have an app that streamlines all communication was mooted and subsequently brought to life by a team co-chaired by Student Support & Career Services (SSCS) and IT Services (ITS).

(PHOTO: SSCS and ITS) Graphic displaying the features of the TP Oei App

What does the app do?


TP Oei will replace the current TP student mobile app. Both apps will run concurrently for a year until all features are ported over to the new app. In the meantime, students can access all features through the embedded links found in TP Oei app."


For starters, the app can be linked to your calendar. So, your timetable and schedule can be accessed at one glance! You can also get access to TP-related information, such as academic calendar, upcoming events and maps with directions to the various facilities and amenities.


Confused by all the information coming your way via posters, emails, and the student portal? Now, the app will be the central platform for you to receive announcements. You can even send direct messages, as well as make audio and video calls within TP Oei to connect with your classmates and tutors, without disclosing your mobile numbers.


Do check out this one minute video for a quick overview on what the app has to offer.



How do I download it?


1. Install the App

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “TP Oei” by Temasek Polytechnic. Or look out for the email announcements that will be sent to your TP email inbox. The QR codes in the email will direct you to download the app.


2. Launch the App

Simply click next and choose your role (“student”). Log in with your Student Portal email and password.


3. Finish setup

Go through the rest of the setup screens, if you want to, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. These will be visible to other users in the app if you choose to link them.



What does this mean for the current student app


For the next one year, you will need to have both apps. However, it will only be a matter of time before TP Oei will completely replace the current student app. TP Oei is here to ease accessibility and act as a central platform for students. The app will also act as a gateway to TPOSS, where students can continue to book school facilities.


Therefore, you should keep both apps in your phone. If you need access to a certain feature, just head on to TP Oei. If the feature is not yet directly available on the app, it will provide you with the appropriate links to get you what you need!



Thoughts from TP students


A freshman from TP's Common Engineering Programme who preferred not to be named, found the app very useful: “I found the app very convenient as my timetable and the campus map are on the same app, especially since I’m fairly new to the TP campus. I also get updates on upcoming and ongoing events in school.”


In addition, a third year student from TP’s Diploma in Marketing who also preferred not to be named, shared that he wished an app of this caliber had come out earlier so that he could have made full use of it during his time studying in TP.



What does this mean for our school email and LMS?


While TP Oei is meant to be a central platform for communication and announcements, all subject related matters will continue to stay on LMS. The director of SSCS, Mr Samuel Wee, noted that “the school email is still a useful source of connecting with students, especially on official matters. TP Oei complements the school email.”



What you should do now


If you don’t have the TP Oei app yet, download it now! In due time, TP Oei will be able to completely replace the current student app, allowing for all of us to have an easier time communicating and accessing school-related information.


As Mr Wee said: “(TP Oei’s) success depends on firstly getting the entire student community to download and use the app.”

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