ECG Services

ECG is about equipping students​​ with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed​​​​​ plans decisions for a successful transition from polytechnic to further education or work.​​​ ​Through ECG, students are encouraged to learn more about their own interests, abilities​​ and passions. By exploring the learning or education pathways and career opportunities available across different industries, students can take positive steps towards identifying and realising their aspirations, as well as embrace learning throughout their life.


Our team of trained Education and Career Coaches are dedicated to help our students and alumni develop their self-concept and explore the many possible education and career pathways. 

Come speak with us on any of the following topics!
Discover your strengths, interest and aspirations
Processing of ECG related information on post-graduation pathways, further education, scholarships etc.
ECG related skills: personal statements, university applications, admissions interview etc.
Decision making difficulties: change of course, scholarship selection, lack of self-understanding, education and career choices, etc.
Managing conflicts and expectations of parents/guardian and others.

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