Further Education

Students who are interested to further their education with a local or an overseas university may like to refer to the following links to learn more about their admission criteria or understand the requirements needed for enrolment.

Scholarships & Sponsorships

  • Agency for Integrated Care​
    • ​​Community Care Manpower Development Awards      
  • NHCS ​(National Heart Centre Singapore)          
  • NKF (National Kidney Foundation) 
    • Nursing
    • ​Social Work
    • ​Occupational Therapy
    • ​Dietetics & Nutrition programme​
  • NUHS (National University Health System) 
    • ​Nursing 
    • ​Allied Health 
  • SAF Polytechnic Sponsorship  
    • ​EOWS (Warrant Officers and Specialists) 
    • ​MDES (Military Experts)    



Work-Study Programmes

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes (WSP) offer various work-study opportunities to allow you to get a head-start in your career that is related to your discipline of study with the opportunity to build on your knowledge and skills:


Lifelong Learning

There are many options to meet your personal and family needs.  Continuing Education & Training (CET) courses include Post-Diploma courses, skills-based modular courses, short courses, industry-specific certification courses, micro-learning courses and online courses.  ​You can find such courses not only in TP but also in the other polytechnics and autonomous universities.  


For more guidance on further education, scholarships and upskilling programmes, do have a chat with an Education and Career Coach!