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Note: Please observe and comply with the Safe Management Measures put up on the library website or premises when enjoying our facilities. Let’s do our part to practice safe distancing.


Group Study Zones                

The Group Study Zones located at levels 4-5 are for students to engage in group work. Eating is not allowed in this zone. Please book a hub, pod, or presentation room before use. Bookings for the week can be made from 0000 hours on Monday. Each individual has a quota of 3 hours per week that can be used for either a hub, pod, or presentation room.

Other Facilities


Board Games

The Library has a selection of educational board games for loan. They include Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess and more. To view the list of board games available, click here. The purpose of these games are to develop critical and analytical thinking skills as well as encourage team bonding. The games can only be played at SMART Student Lounge, Level 3. The loan period for the board games is 4 hours. Approach the Loans Counter to borrow the board games.


Closed Stacks 

Older materials are kept in the Closed Stacks but may still be borrowed upon request. To request for Closed Stacks materials, use LibSearch to search for the item and Sign-in to your account before clicking on the Reserve link. You will receive an automated email once the book is ready for collection.


Cross Cultural 

The Cross Cultural collection, located at Level 6, contains materials that promote cross cultural awareness, which can be borrowed just like other books in the Open Shelf collection.



A selection of fiction titles are available at Level 6 of the Library. Use LibSearch to look up specific titles or click here to browse the collection.


Media Items 

The Library has a rich collection of audio-visual and multimedia materials in the form of DVDs, CDs and CD-ROMs. These materials housed at level 2 include audio-books, films and music, and cover a wide range of subject areas from art and design to sports and travel. Use the Music and Feature Films links in LibSearch to browse these collections. The Library also subscribes to video databases such as LinkedIn Learning, which can be used for teaching and learning. 


New Arrivals 

Newly purchased titles are displayed at the beginning and middle of the month, at the New Arrivals shelves at Level 2.



A number of local and international newspapers are available for browsing on Level 6 of the library. Titles available are:


  • The Straits Times
  • The Business Times
  • The New Paper
  • Lianhe ZaoBao
  • Berita Harian     
  • Tamil Murasu
  • Lianhe WanBao
  • Shin Min Daily News 


E-newspapers such as Straits Times Online and Business Times Online can also be accessed from the Library’s newspaper databases.


Open Shelf 

The Open Shelf (lending) collection consists mainly of academic titles relevant to Temasek Polytechnic’s curriculum and is spread across Levels 6 to 8 of the Library. Use LibSearch to look up specific titles or subject areas.


Past Examination Papers 

Digitised exam question papers from the past seven years are accessible via LibSearch. TP staff may access exam papers on campus or off-campus via Staff VPN. Current TP students can view exam papers on campus or submit a request for e-exam paper delivery service while off-campus. Please note that answers are not provided for exam papers. 



The Periodicals collection at level 6 includes popular and general interest magazines as well as academic and trade journals. They are arranged into these categories: hospitality & culinary, lifestyle, business, humanities & education, science & technology, as well as fashion. The Library’s e-journal titles can be accessed through LibSearch while journal articles can be found through journal & magazine databases.


Restricted Loans (Red Spot, Reference, Standards)

Students may loan 5 books for 7 days under these collections. For more information, check out your borrowing privileges.

  • Red Spot - The Red Spot collection comprises of materials of high usage, such as recommended texts for some courses. Use the Red Spot link in LibSearch to browse this collection, or search the collection by School, Course Name, or Lecturer using LibSearch’s Advanced Search.   
  • Reference - The Reference collection at level 2 houses multi-volume works such as law reports, pharmacopoeias and yearbooks.
  • Standards - The Standards collection at level 2 includes standards from various issuing bodies such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), British Standards Institution (BSI), International Organization of Standardization (ISO), and SPRING Singapore. The database Singapore Standards Subscription Service contains over 500 Singapore Standards and Technical References.


The Library has a collection of software available for loan to students and staff. Click here for more information.


TP Archives 

The TP Archives is a central repository containing materials that chronicle the origin, growth and development of TP. The collection is organised, digitised and accessible online. Click here to visit the TP Archives microsite.

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