Power Up for Future-Ready Skills

Empower yourself by joining workshops, talks and games to improve your skills for studies and future work! Discover these and more at the Digital Life @ PolysTM microsite.





The following workshops and talks can be customised for students by industry partners:



·       Adobe Creative Cloud solutions

·       Microsoft Power BI or Minecraft

·       Salesforce Trailhead



·       Future skills and other topics by Intel

·       “Behind the Scenes: Considerations and Challenges in Making Editorial Decisions” by Straits Times journalist


Staff can register interest if they want classes or cohorts to attend workshops or talks by any of the above industry partners. Students can also indicate their interest and will be notified when there are confirmed dates. Find out more. (Temasek Polytechnic > Learning It Right)




·       Zapped – 360-library tour with a twist!

Due to a power trip, Big Max has turned into an evil bot. He has zapped you and others, and you are slowly turning into zombies! Save everyone by embarking on a 360-library tour and complete puzzles to reboot Big Max. This game is excellent for library orientation and CP-time!


·       Can you Hack the Code? – Digital Escape Room Game

A hacker has trapped a group of people and has threatened to release a toxic smoke into the room. It is down to you and your team to become the ultimate agents and save the people! As the lead agent in this mission, work together with your teammates and solve the puzzles. Challenge yourself to hack the code or play the game with your friends.



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