An annual publication providing details on TP’s full-time courses.

Prospectus 2020/2021



Courses applicable only for AY2020/2021 intake and earlier (+)

Common Engineering Programme

Common ICT Programme

Diploma in Clean Energy

Diploma in Green Building & Sustainability

Prospectus 2018/2019 (PDF: 7MB)



Courses applicable only for AY2018/2019 intake and earlier (+)

Diploma in 3D Interactive Media Technology

Diploma in Applied Food Science & Nutrition

Diploma in Baking & Culinary Science

Diploma in Big Data Management & Governance

Diploma in Biomedical Science

Diploma in Biotechnology

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics

Diploma in Environment Design

Diploma in Gerontological Management Studies

Diploma in Mechatronics & Aerospace Programme

Diploma in Retail Management

Prospectus 2017/2018 (PDF: 6.5MB)



Courses applicable only for AY2017/2018 intake and earlier (+)

Diploma in Digital Forensics

Diploma in Mobile & Network Services


Prospectus 2016/2017 (PDF: 9.7MB)



Courses applicable only for AY2016/2017 intake and earlier (+)

Diploma in Infocomm & Network Engineering

Diploma in Media & Communication Technology

Diploma in Retail & Hospitality Design