Unlock More Library Resources

Announcing the launch of Poly LibSearch, an initiative by the Joint Polytechnic Libraries.


Resource Sharing has never been easier. Now, TP staff and students can search for resources from both TP and SP Libraries and request for printed books from SP Library in just one click!


We are launching Resource Sharing in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 (21 June 2023): Search the catalogues of TP & SP libraries. Pilot launch of Resource Sharing for both libraries.
  • Phase 2 (October 2023): Search the catalogues of NP, NYP, SP & TP libraries. Launch of Resource Sharing for all four libraries.


How to search and request?


  • Go to Poly LibSearch
  • Type the keyword(s) for your topic
  • From the dropdown menu, select Poly Libraries Catalogue
  • If you find a printed book from SP Library that you require, sign in and click on the Resource Sharing link.
  • The fields in the form will be automatically populated, so submit the request and wait for our confirmation

Look out for Phase 2 in October when NP and NYP Libraries will come on board!