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123RF (Images)


123RF (For TP Staff only)

Access 123RF for over 100 million royalty-free stock images and vectors for your work (guide to attributing 123RF images). If you log out from 123RF, please return to the Library website and click on the link above to access 123RF again. Note: AI generation for images is capped at 25 generations per day.



Corporate+ (Footage and Audio)


Corporate+ (For TP Staff only)

Use Corporate+ to access over 3 million footages and 300,000 audio clips. The audio and video files can be used for educational and publicity materials and licensed work under Temasek Polytechnic. Request for an account first using this form. If your account has been created, log in using the link above.

Book A Room For Staff Training


Activity Room

Located at level 3, the glass-walled Activity Room has movable furniture and is ideal for seminars, workshops, and retreats for TP staff and students. It comes equipped with a projector and can seat up to 60. TP staff who wish to reserve the Activity Room may submit their booking request to the Library in advance. 


Multi-Purpose Room

Located within the Temasek Gallery at Level 9, the Multi-Purpose Room is a modern and conducive venue for training for TP staff and students. Equipped with a projector, the Multi-Purpose Room can seat up to 50 pax with movable tablet chairs.


Request For Document Delivery For Staff


Document Delivery service is available to TP staff to obtain journal articles or book chapters not in our library collection. Materials requested should be for official work purposes.

Request For Inter-Library Loan


Inter-Library Loan service is available to TP staff to obtain books not in our library collection but available in other local academic libraries. Materials requested should be for official work purposes.

Request For Library Programmes



Lecturers are welcome to submit a request for customised programmes to introduce full-time or part-time students to discipline-specific research (e.g. use of specialised databases). The Library offers e-learning, F2F workshops and lecture briefings.


Customised Workshops


For Students

Customised workshops are based on specific case studies or assignments as requested by the lecturers. These workshops help students learn and use research skills in the context of their academic discipline through problem-based learning and active learning techniques.


For Staff

The Library conducts customised workshops for staff members who wish to familiarise themselves with specific online resources and research databases (e.g. Passport, ScienceDirect, etc.).


Please contact the Library at AskLib@tp.edu.sg if you wish to request for research skills workshops for either students or staff. 

Software & Tools for Staff

The Library has a range of software available specifically for loan to staff. Do note that as software licenses are limited, inactive accounts may be deleted to release licenses to other patrons. For other software that are available to students and staff, please refer to this page.


  • Classkick 

A web-based instructional tool which allows teaching staff to monitor students’ online work in real-time and provide just-in-time feedback. To request access, please email libacq@tp.edu.sg.


  • Classpoint

An integrated interactive teaching and classroom quiz tool and plugin for PowerPoint to create an active learning environment. It also provides educators with handy annotation tools and digital whiteboards within PowerPoint. To request access, please email libacq@tp.edu.sg.

  • Pixton EDU

A comic and storyboard creator, Pixton EDU comes with templates, click-and-drag tools and a variety of characters to help you communicate ideas through comics. Click here for access instruction.