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We aim to develop a GLOBAL MINDSET in our TP staff and students.

Academic Subjects

The Global Studies Fundamental subjects aim at shaping global citizens and global leaders for a diverse community and dynamic world. It is designed to expose students to the globalized world and encourage students to venture overseas as part of their learning.


The compulsory subject Global Studies is the launchpad to students’ global education training. It also serves as a scaffold for students to first gain essential knowledge and skills in global trends, eventually moving to delve deeper in different areas of global education: Managing Diversity at Work, Expressions of Culture, Global Community & Community Development, or Guided Learning.


By the end of the Global Studies journey with us, students will embrace a global mindset, with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as the overarching purpose, and they will be able to navigate in a diverse workplace, recognize and respect the importance of cultural heritage, be a contributing member of the community, or an independent learner with great initiatives and passion. 


These efforts will be augmented with experiential learning activities, including overseas experiences, using the Self-Directed Learning teaching and learning methodology.

This subject provides essential skills and knowledge to prepare students for an overseas experience. They will examine the elements of culture and learn the key principles of cross-cultural communication. In addition, they will gain an appreciation and awareness of the political, economic, technological and social landscape to function effectively in a global environment.

*This subject explores the concepts of identity, diversity and inclusion at the workplace. It examines the relationship between identity and diversity, the benefits and challenges of diversity and the strategies that promote inclusion and inspire collaboration in a diverse workplace. Examples of the elements of diversity covered in this subject include nationality, generation, ethnicity and gender.

* Students will examine the meaning and responsibilities of being a Global Citizen, in order to contribute towards a more equitable and sustainable world. In addition, students will learn how sustainable solutions can support community development, and, execute and critique a community action plan that addresses the needs of a specific community/cause.

* This subject provides a platform for an understanding of culture and heritage through modes of expression. Students will be introduced to global and local cultures via everyday objects, places and human behaviour seen through time and space. Students will explore issues and challenges in culture and heritage sustainability in community, national and global contexts.

The subject introduces students to the concepts and process of self-directed learning in a chosen area of inquiry. The process focusses on four stages: planning, performing, monitoring and reflecting. Students get to plan their individual learning project, refine and execute the learning plan, as well as monitor and reflect on their learning progress and project. The learning will be captured and showcased through a curated portfolio. The self-directed learning project will broaden and/or deepen a student’s knowledge and skills.


* Students must choose to take either one of these three subjects or TGL1001 Guided Learning.

Beyond Classroom Experiences


Glocal Connect Village


The Glocal Connect Village (GCV) was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 23 November 2012 as an icon of Temasek Polytechnic’s internationalisation strategy. The aim of GCV is to stimulate among local students and community members a global mindset, provide global experience, foster global partnerships, and promote the global branding of the institution. The GCV is a physical ‘connecting place’ for Temasek Polytechnic staff and students, as well as local and international partners. This is where the world comes to TP and TP goes out to the world. The GCV has a portal that serves as a platform for performances and interactions, an Art Gallery, and classrooms. In addition, it has fifty residential learning spaces for TP students and international exchange programmes.


Global Community Day


Global Community Day (GCD) is part of TP’s internationalization initiative to promote global mindset, cultural learning as well as integration amongst students, staff and the local community. The multi-sensory event provides experiential and immersive learning platforms that seek to highlight diverse cultures and imbue in the participants a deeper understanding and appreciation the region’s unique history and cultural mix as well as how that aligns to Singapore’s narrative.


Diversity – Inclusion – You


Diversity. Inclusion. You. (D.I.Y.) is an award-winning inter-polytechnic programme designed and developed by TP and supported by the National Integration Council to promote student integration within Singapore.

Overseas Experiences


Global Studies Overseas Study Trips 


The Global Studies Overseas Study Trips are the experiential learning component of the Global Studies subject that offers all TP students the opportunity to embark on an Overseas Study Trip to major cities in ASEAN, China and India for a duration between four and five days, providing them with a first-hand cultural, economic and social exposure.


Youth Expedition Project


Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is the Service-Learning Programme by Youth Corps Singapore that aims to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas. As a Programme Funding Partner, every year, TP curates the YEP programme for more than 250 students, impacting communities in more than 6 countries in Asia, with a focus on the ASEAN member states, China and India.

Exchange Programmes


Inbound programme with Duy Tan University (Vietnam) (2019)

Inbound programme

Our Global Connect Student Group regularly host visitors from overseas. Our Student Leaders will draft the inbound programme and extended their holistic welcome and bonding programme via a residential stay in GCV apartments. Visitors are also invited to join Global Studies local programme workshops and/or Global Studies classes with our TP students.


First ASEAN Student e-Xchange Programme edition in 2020 (10 Institutions from 5 countries)

ASEAN Student e-Xchange Programme


The ASEAN Student e-Xchange Programme is a virtual-mobility programme in partnership with Passage2ASEAN (P2A) Association. Students will engage in weekly 45-mins e-meetings to share and discuss their respective countries and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) while learning more from one another.

Through this programme, students will develop a global mindset, deepen cross-cultural skills, fostering cultural awareness and international collaboration. Along the way; cultivating lasting friendships and at the end of the programme, the students will emerge with bigger hearts.

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