Full WSQ Qualification* under the New Skills Framework

As of 1 October 2019, all courses conducted by SII will be placed under the new Skills Framework for Security. If you intend to complete current WSQ modules between now and 1 October 2019, please note that the following modules will not count towards full qualification* under the new Skills Framework for security.


Certificate in Security Operations


  • Provide Mobile Patrol Services (CRS-Q-0006120-SE)
  • Perform Covert Retail Security (CRS-Q-0006142-SE)
  • Minimise Retail Theft & Loss (CRS-Q-0006169-SE)
  • Assist in the Evacuation of Premises (CRS-Q-0006130-SE)


Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision


  • Perform Monitoring & Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre (CRS-Q-0022849-SE)
  • Conduct Operations Briefing & Debriefing (CRS-Q-0006248-SE)
  • Lead and Manage a Team of Security Officers (CRS-Q-0006249-SE)


Diploma in Security Management


  • Manage Recruitment & Selection of Security Personnel (CRS-Q-0018826-SE)


If you have taken the above modules and intend to attain your full WSQ qualifications*, you are encouraged to complete the remaining modules by 1 October 2019.


Alternatively, you may also attain full qualifications* under the new Skills Framework. Details of the new full qualifications under the Skills Framework for Security will be announced after 20 Sept 2019.


For further enquiries, please contact SII at Tel: 6225 5744 or email to: sii@tp.edu.sg


*Full qualification refers to the attainment of the “Certificate in Security Operations”, “Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision” and “Diploma in Security Management”.

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