We strongly encourage our students to get vaccinated.

COVID Safe Management Measures (SafeMM)© 

#TeamTemasek Stays Healthy


TP is focused on the health and safety of our community as we continue to open our campus while abiding by the Safe Management Measures (SafeMM)©. Let’s continue to take steps to protect ourselves and others by following important health and safety protocols. #TeamTemasek, it’s up to us to prevent the spread and keep TP healthy!

#TeamTemasek's House Rules


In line with the removal of Vaccinated Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS), MOM’s Workforce Vaccination Measures (WVM) in TP will be lifted. All staff who can work from home can now return to the workplace when needed.


Safe distancing is no longer required between individuals or groups. There is also no size limit. Social gatherings are permitted at the workplace with no limits in group size. However, staff may remove their masks at their workstations or indoor areas not accessible to students, when not engaging in physical interactions with other individuals.

  • All individuals can enter the campus regardless of vaccination status.
  • VDS is still required for on-campus events with more than 500 participants as well as in canteens and F&B outlets on campus.
  • Unvaccinated students can continue to complete the Weekly Self-Administered Antigen Rapid Test to take part in activities on campus which require VDS, namely events with more than 500 participants and dining-in at canteens and F&B outlets.

TP seeks the support and fullest cooperation from all on campus to comply with the measures for the benefit of all on campus.

  • Students may return to campus to attend classes and other student activities.
  • Staff may return to campus when scheduled to support TP operations and/or conduct face-to-face classes on campus.
  • Before you leave home for TP, please check that you are well. Do not come to campus if: [Unwell: Difficulty breathing, Cough, Fever, Loss of taste/smell, Sore throat, Diarrhoea, Body ache, Runny nose]
  • Protocol 1: You are unwell. You should see a doctor and not come on campus for the entire duration of your MC, if any. If you are tested COVID-19 positive, you will be placed by MOH either on a Home Recovery Programme or an appropriate care facility. You can only return to campus after you have completed the isolation period of 7 days (for vaccinated cases) or 14 days (for unvaccinated cases).
  • Protocol 2: You are well (have NO or mild symptoms as assessed by a doctor) and have a positive ART result. You should self-isolate at home for 72 hours and do not come to campus until you have a NEGATIVE test result after the 72 hours or after Day 7. If you feel unwell, please see protocol 1.
  • For students, if any of the above applies to you, please submit a Health Declaration and inform your Care Person. You should also submit the necessary LOA for Student Attendance to your School. For staff, please adhere to instructions from HR.
  • Any staff or student who is unwell should see a doctor immediately. More importantly, all staff and students must comply with the prevailing healthcare protocols to self-isolate and do self-test where applicable.

All gates on campus are open for both vehicles and pedestrians.

  • All staff and students must wear a mask indoors (except when eating and drinking at designated dining areas) and other authorised unmasked activities. Indoor areas include all spaces within a building and all canteens, F&B outlets and designated eating areas (and rooftop of Garden Fiesta) except concourses. However, wearing a mask outdoors will be optional.
  • All concourse areas in TP along ENG, ASC/IIT, HSS, BUS, DES and Administration (Block 9) blocks are considered outdoors and wearing of masks is optional (see map below). Outdoor areas also include all open spaces outside a building.

Teaching and Learning
  • All mask-on classes and exams can be conducted without any zoning or VDS requirements. Safe distancing is encouraged but is not required between individuals or groups.
  • For SSG-funded CET programmes, SSG’s prevailing guideline for a maximum class size of 40 persons – excluding the trainer(s) – will continue to apply for course quality reasons.


Student Activities
  • All on-campus events with less than 500 persons may resume fully, without any VDS or zoning requirements. Safe distancing is encouraged but not required.
  • On-campus events with more than 500 persons can resume without zoning requirements, with the following VDS requirements:
    • Events involving only attendees from within TP (staff and students) will not require VDS.
    • Events involving external attendees will require VDS.

For all student activities on campus such as CCA and Student Development programmes, there may be additional requirements. Kindly adhere to the instructions given by the SDAA and/or the organisers.

Meals (At Canteens, F&B Outlets and Designated Areas)
  • Dine-in at canteens and F&B outlets is allowed for vaccinated persons. Unvaccinated persons will be allowed to take away their food and consume them at Designated Areas individually and with safe distancing. Unvaccinated students can also dine in canteens and F&B outlets by showing a negative ART which is taken not more than a week ago.
  • Mask may be removed only when eating or drinking and must be worn immediately after eating even when you are still seated at the Canteen, F&B outlets and other designated dining areas.
  • Vaccination status checks at canteens and F&B outlets will be removed and the onus will be on dining-in individuals to abide by the rules. Officers will be conducting random spot-checks to ensure only fully vaccinated individuals and unvaccinated students with a valid negative ART result under the weekly testing requirement are allowed to dine in.

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