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COVID Safe Management Measures (SafeMM)© 

#TeamTemasek Stays Healthy


TP is focused on the health and safety of our community as we continue to open our campus for selected lessons while abiding by the Safe Management Measures (SafeMM)©. 


Let’s continue to take steps to protect ourselves and others by working/studying remotely, and by following important health and safety protocols. #TeamTemasek, it’s up to us to prevent the spread and keep TP healthy!


Due to the pandemic, only visitors on official TP business are allowed on campus.

#TeamTemasek's House Rules

Always wear your mask.

Activate TraceTogether and  check-in with the app or token when entering campus. 

Show your staff/student ID to staff on duty at check-in.

Wipe down equipment before and after use.

Minimise intermingling and congregation.

Keep a 1 metre safe distance from others.

Keep on-campus hours to a limit.

So many ways to communicate! Calls, text messages, video chats and emails must take precedence over F2F interactions, for now. 

If you are unwell or have flu-like symptoms, campus is NOT the place for you. Go see a doc! 

TP seeks the fullest support and cooperation from all staff, students and others working on campus to comply with the prevailing healthcare protocols from MOH as well as the Safe Management Measures on campus in order to keep the campus safe for all to learn and work.

  • Students should only come to campus if you are instructed by your School to return for on-campus practical lessons, tutorials and consultations, but please first ensure that you are well. 
  • Staff who can work from home must continue to do so. Staff who need to return for on-campus work, lessons and support services should ensure that they are well and do the required testing regime where applicable.   
  • All staff and students must wear face masks on campus at all times.
  • Teaching staff must wear surgical masks or reusable masks of equivalent effectiveness at all times when conducting lessons, and on campus.
  • Any staff or student who is unwell should see a doctor immediately. More importantly, all staff and students must comply with the prevailing healthcare protocols to self-isolate and do self-test where applicable.

  • Public Access: The campus will be closed to the public, with the exception of those persons on official work/business.
  • Drivers may enter from both the East and West gates. Passengers are to be dropped off/picked up at the Main Foyer.
  • Cyclists as well as those who walk into the campus or come via the overhead bridge must enter via the Main Foyer.
  • Special educational needs students should contact the Student Support & Career Services (SSCS) at 6780 5959 for assistance.
  • All meals delivery can only be picked up outside the Main Foyer.
  • When leaving, those who are walking can exit the campus through the Main Foyer, East Gate, West Gate, and the main overhead bridge.
  • Observe safe distancing at all times. Where the one-metre safe distance is not possible, groups of five (GO5) persons may be permitted but groups must have a one to two-meter separation between each other.

  • While the open benches and tables on campus may be used while waiting for your next on-campus lesson or if you are unable to go home in time for HBL, do remember to observe safe distancing and wear your face masks at all times. Also, limit intermingling with students outside each timetable group. It is best that you leave campus as soon as your lessons are over.
  • If you are using the laboratory/workshop, ensure to clean your equipment and workspace before leaving the facility.
  • The library is now open.
  • Comply with the instructions of our Safe Distancing Ambassadors as they make their rounds to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Classes in TP involving mask-on activities can be conducted in groups of up to 5 persons with 1m between each group.
  • All meetings should be held online where practicable, but if this is not possible, you can meet face-to-face, but remember to comply with prevailing safe distancing and face mask measures.
  • When working in the laboratory, workshop or rooms, ensure that there are no more than 50 persons and remember that it is mandatory to comply with prevailing safe distancing and face mask measures.
  • Most importantly, do remember to conduct the Health Check at every lesson/meeting with students.

For staff only


  • Conduct meetings online where possible.
  • If you need to meet physically, make sure you register your visitor.
  • Before bringing in visitor, get approval from the designated staff in your school/department and register your visitor with EFM (Security).
  • Keep the number of visitors as small as possible.
  • Alert your visitor about the SafeMM rules:
    • Activate TraceTogether
    • Check in/out using TraceTogether Only SafeEntry (ToS)
    • Complete visitor registration
    • Wear face mask at all times
    • Observe safe distancing
    • Keep visit under 30 min 
  • Staff and students of TP, NIEC and SIT, as well as EFM contractors, are exempted from visitor registration.



Lights, Camera, Action!
Before bringing in a film crew


  • Make sure you get approval from D/CC for the event and for staff and students returning to campus for the film shoot.
  • Inform EFM (Security) of all persons coming to campus.
  • All staff involved should inform HR before you return to campus for the film shoot.
  • Staff involved should not return to campus if there are person(s) in your household who are unwell.
  • Alert the film crew that they have to:
    • Arrive at the West Gate
    • Register as visitors
    • Activate TraceTogether
    • Check in using TraceTogether Only SafeEntry (ToS)


While on campus 


  • Film crew and all involved should wear face masks and observe 1m safe distancing at all times.
  • Where 1m distancing is not possible, organise them into groups of five (GO5). 
  • Within each GO5, less than 1m distancing is allowed.
  • Between GO5s, at least 1m distancing is required. If possible, 2m distancing is preferred. 
  • To reduce the risks from intermingling, persons involved should remain within their G05 and avoid physical contact with other G05. 


Leaving campus 


  • Film crew and all persons involved should leave campus as soon as filming is wrapped up.
  • Remind all to check out using TraceTogether Only SafeEntry (ToS).

For staff only


Staff who return to campus should confine your activities to your place of work where possible. 


WFH is still the predominant model. Staff should return to campus only if you need to conduct or support: 


  • On-campus practical lessons 
  • Tutorials and consultations 
  • Approved critical functions 


Staff should leave the campus as soon as you complete your tasks or work for the day. 


Reach your colleagues without physical proximity by using phone or MS Teams where possible. 


Manage risks by: 


  • Splitting work teams to increase resilience and carry on business as usual.
  • Staggering operations hours where practical.

Leave campus immediately:


  • When your class is over
  • When you have no more scheduled sessions to attend
  • If you can arrive home in time for your next HBL session


Remember to checkout using TraceTogether Only SafeEntry (ToS).

Need help connecting to the right resource? Reach out to us at covid19@tp.edu.sg


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