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The Centre for Character & Leadership Education (CCLE) was established in August 1996. It develops Temasek Polytechnic's curriculum and programmes for character and leadership education – Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice (LEAP), and Temasek LEADership Programme (Temasek LEAD).


Goals of CCLE 

  • Develop and provide quality character and leadership programmes

  • Provide training in the facilitation of character and leadership programmes

  • Provide consultancy services and customised training programmes in character and leadership

  • Provide platforms for sharing and networking for advocates of character and leadership education

  • Establish links and partnerships with other character and leadership organisations

  • Undertake research in character and leadership education

Vision of CCLE


To be a leader in character and leadership education reputed for our programmes, training, consultancy and research.

Mission of CCLE 


To develop in individuals universally-accepted traits of good character; individuals who will make a positive difference to the community.



• Integrity 

• Respect 

• Responsibility

Our People

The team at the Centre for Character & Leadership Education is made up of diverse individuals who believe that if people set their sails according to the compass of life, they will be on the course to success. We are a team of values-driven educators and trainers dedicated to developing human capital and maximising human potential.

Paul Yap


Simon Chew

Manager/Student Clubs & Service Learning

LEAP 2 Programme Coordinator

Karen Phuah

Manager/Temasek LEAD


Choy Wai Fann

Senior Lecturer

LEAP 1 Programme Coordinator

HSS LEAD Advisor

Ng Qihui


ENG LEAD Advisor


Denesh, S

Senior Lecturer

LEAP 3 Programme Coordinator

ASC LEAD Advisor

Edwin Khong

Assistant Manager

BUS LEAD Advisor


Heinz Loy

Assistant Manager

DES LEAD Advisor

Pamela Loh

Assistant Manager

IIT LEAD Advisor

About LEAP

LEAP stands for “Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice” and is Temasek Polytechnic’s 3-year leadership and character development programme for all TP students. Since its inception in 1997, the LEAP programme uses leadership principles as the framework to enable students to develop leadership skills that embrace values as the core foundation for their credibility and influence. 


LEAP comprises LEAP 1, LEAP 2 and LEAP 3 subjects that form part of the TP Fundamentals (TPFun) set of subjects. Each of the LEAP subjects carries 1 credit unit and it is a graduation requirement to pass LEAP. There are 5 main themes in LEAP, which aim to develop students into leaders who:


  • Make connection with their inner being, their peers and the community.
  • Place character as their leadership foundation.
  • Have competence in their “Logical Quotient”, “Emotional Quotient”, and “Community Quotient”.
  • Exercise effective leadership communication.
  • Are champions of self-leadership, team leadership and service leadership.



This subject focuses on self-leadership and personal effectiveness. Self-leadership emphasises the concept of ‘Logical Quotient’ (LQ) and how effective leaders understand themselves in terms of their personalities, values and mission. The foundation for leaders to make decisions is built on the concepts of ‘Golden End’ and ‘Consequential Thinking’.


Personal effectiveness covers personal financial management, the art of listening to the inner self, and effectively expressing one’s thoughts and ideas.


This subject focuses on leading others and enhancing team effectiveness. Leading others emphasises the concept of ‘Emotional Quotient’ (EQ) and how effective leaders use their understanding of their personalities and personal values to work with teammates and to successfully manage team conflicts.


The strategy towards enhancing team effectiveness is to adopt a Win-Win approach when making decisions, develop empathic listening skills, bring out the positive team synergy and understand how to manage one’s finances, which affects interpersonal relationships.



This subject focuses on leaders serving in the community. The dimensions of leadership are examined in relation to personal choices, allowing leaders to make decisions based on concepts like ‘Ethical Judgement’ and ‘Moral Courage’. Effective leadership skills that build trust and respect in the community will be covered.


The concept of ‘Community Quotient’ (CQ) provides the foundation to help leaders take actions to lead the community in meaningful ways, such as using national schemes and financial products to serve the needs of the community.

Learning and Teaching Methods

LEAP is facilitated by the Care Persons or dedicated lecturers in each School. The key pedagogical approach is an adaptation of David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle, in which students will learn through the cycle of ‘Concrete Experience’, ‘Reflective Observation’, ‘Abstract Conceptualisation’ and ‘Active Experimentation’.





About Temasek LEADership Programme 

At Temasek Polytechnic, we believe that talent is to be nurtured and every student must be given opportunities to achieve their personal best.


The Temasek LEADership Programme (Temasek LEAD) is an inclusive talent development programme for high-performing students. LEAD students can look forward to an amazing journey of self-discovery and enjoy exciting experiences that will take them beyond the classroom and academic pursuits. These include overseas academic exchanges, community service projects, local and overseas adventure expeditions, and more.


Temasek LEAD aims to develop LEAD students into future leaders with VISION, CHARACTER and HEART. Our unique approach is crafted to stretch the potential of our high-performing students. In Temasek LEAD, students can expect to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and holistic development to attain the following 4 key areas of leadership:


1. Personal Leadership


LEAD students will be developed to become effective leaders by raising their self-awareness, helping them understand their leadership profile and providing them with opportunities to lead from their strengths. Students will be provided opportunities to learn essential skills such as effective communication, planning and organising, problem solving, decision making and situational adaptability.

Professional Development Workshops
Career & Scholarship Workshops
Mentorship Programmes

2. Team Leadership


LEAD students will be offered practice and experiential platforms to lead in challenging situations. They will acquire skills to organise teams, strengthen their awareness of teamwork and group dynamics, develop team resilience, conflict management and negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, and collaboration strategies. Exciting outdoor adventure programmes, including caving and white water rafting in various countries, will develop their capabilities to overcome team challenges.

Overseas Adventure Trips
Adventure Learning Expeditions
Team Building Workshops

3. Community Leadership


LEAD students are given platforms to be actively engaged in leading service learning initiatives, both locally and overseas. The programme aims to groom compassionate leaders with a heart for others, who think beyond themselves and their immediate teams, to be socially responsible citizens, and to serve and care for their community.

Overseas Community Leadership Projects
Community Outreach in Singapore
Youth Expedition Projects

4. Global Perspectives


Finally, LEAD students are provided opportunities to engage global and local government agencies, non-governmental organisations, industries, and educational institutions. They will develop 21st century competencies, such as critical and inventive thinking, global awareness and cross-cultural skills, change readiness, and an enterprising spirit; and be groomed to be adaptable future-oriented leaders. LEAD students can look forward to participating in immersive and intellectual symposiums such as those organised by the United Nations, local and overseas universities and agencies, as well as engagements with government officials, industry and thought leaders, and exchanges with peers across the world.

Local Forums
Overseas Conferences
Overseas Exchange Programmes

How Are The Programmes Run?


LEAD students will engage themselves in their leadership journey through a suite of programmes that are run in 3 main categories. These programmes are highly funded, with some overseas programmes funded as much as 90%. The (1) Core programmes ensure that participants are exposed to and developed in the 4 key areas of leadership espoused by Temasek LEAD.  

In addition to the Core programmes, LEAD students will be offered a wide array of (2) Elective programmes, which would allow them the freedom to pursue leadership areas that match their personal needs and interests. 


Finally, Temasek LEAD offers a series of specially curated (3) Excel programmes to stretch our very best students, who have displayed outstanding achievements in the areas of academic studies, leadership roles and/or specialised talents. 


For more information, please email to LEAD@tp.edu.sg.

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