What is Blended Learning?

E-learning (or Online Learning) forms about 30% of the entire course.

blended learning

Together with the face to face classroom sessions with your trainer, they form the Blended Learning Approach.


What do you need to bring to class?


Learners are encouraged to bring any smart devices, including laptops, prior to the E-Learning session.  The smart device should have an active internet connection or can connect to Wireless@SGx (setup required) available in the classrooms.  Our trainers will provide the login credentials and facilitate the login process to POLITEMall.


E-learning Session


You must complete the E-Learning courseware by the end of the E-Learning Session Day for your attendance to be taken into account for assessment eligibility.

Scroll down to find out more information on E-Learning Session Day.

Which Modules Have Blended Learning?

Modules ** Duration (Days) (excl. Assessment) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Perform supervisory duties within legal framework 2.5 C E2 C    
Induct security personnel 3 C E2 C    
Lead and manage a team of security officers 3 C E2 C    
Supervise security officers 2.5 C E2 C    
Assess and address security risks 3 C E2 C    
Contribute to the management of security incidents 3 C E2 C    
Monitor and review security operations 3 C E2 C    
Deploy security equipment 3 C E2 C    
Supervise crowd and traffic control activities 3 C E2 C    
Conduct operation briefing and debriefing 2 E2 C      
Perform monitoring and reporting duties at central command centre 2 E2 C      
Legend: C = Classroom       E-Learning Day: E2 = Half day (PM)
** Please refer to Programme Schedule for module commence day.

Modules ** Duration (Days)
(excl. Assessment)
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Conduct crowd and traffic control

3 C E2 C    

Handle Security Incidents and Services

3 E3 C C    

Recognise Terrorist Threats

2 E2 C      
Recognise Terrorist Threats (accelerated) 2 E3 C      

Perform Investigation Activities in Compliance with Legal Requirements

5 C C E3 C C
Legend: C = Classroom       E-Learning Day: E2 = Half day (PM)    E3 = Trainee will be required to complete the e-Learning after classroom training hours (Classroom training hours is from 9am to 6pm).

** Please refer to Programme Schedule for module commence day.

How to Access Blended Learning

Logging into the POLITEMall

blended learning
Step 1

Launch Chrome browser.


Step 2

Type “politemall” in the address / search bar, click Enter.


Step 3

Click POLITEMall.

blended learning
Step 4

Click Login.

blended learning
Step 5

Select and click Temasek Polytechnic.

blended learning
Step 6

Input your student ID and default password.

E.g. C2123456@student.tp.edu.sg | Default PW: TPC212345S!!

If you have trouble logging in, you can call our ITSM Centre at 6780 5933 for assistance.

blended learning
Step 7

Set up the two options and click “finish”.

Self-service password reset

Step 8

Mouse-over to “My Courses” and click POLITEMALL courses.

Step 9

Select the module you are attending.

Step 10

Quick search for a module

Step 11

Click on the badge to complete the module and quiz.

Step 12

Complete the courseware and quiz by the end of the eLearning session.


Where do I find Technical Support for the LMS?

Learners with password login issue can call our IT Service Management (ITSM) Centre at 6780 5933, or walk-in to Temasek Polytechnic at East Wing, Blk 1A 04-02. The operating hours of the Centre are:

  • Mondays to Fridays 8.00am to 9.30pm (except for September vacation period where closing time will be at 6.30pm)
  • Saturdays: 8.00am to 1.00pm