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Course Overview

Competencies in this qualification equip the officer with supervisory skills to manage and facilitate the work of a team of security officers. An individual has to complete 6 modules to attain the Advanced Certificate in Security.

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded to the individual when he successfully completed each module and assessed to be competent.

Exemptions - Security Supervisors

You are required to apply for the licence clearance at the PLRD website even if you are granted an exemption from any of the modules.

Applicants who qualify as trained by the criteria set forth may upon completion of the following additional WSQ statement of attainment to be considered as trained security supervisors.: 

  • Supervise Security Officers (mandatory).
  • Any two of the three advanced certificate-level modules:
    • Assess and Address Security Risks;
    • Induct Security Personnel;
    • Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework


Applicants who fulfil any of the criteria below are exempted from the mandatory course of ‘Supervise Security Officers'. Applicants shall be required to complete the required two out of the three advanced certificate-level modules (as listed above) in order to be considered as a trained security supervisors.


  1. Former regular officers or current reserve officers who have attained the rank of Staff Sergeant and above with the SPF, VSC, CNB or any Auxiliary Police Force.
  2. Supervisor who has passed the Supervising Security Activities at Group 4 CISCO Training before 1 Aug 2004.
  3. Supervisor who has passed the Security Supervisors Course Examination certified by SHRI or RELC before 1 Aug 2004.
  4. Supervisor who has passed the Security Managers and Chief Security Officers Course at APRO Asian Protection Pte Ltd before 1 Aug 2004.
  5. Person who is deployed at a hotel and has passed the Certificate in Hotel Security Management organised by the SHATEC before 1 January 1998

Entry Requirements

  1. Candidates must be above the age of 16 at the time of application.
  2. No minimum educational entry requirements. However, candidates must meet the required workplace literacy and numeracy level and should possess the relevant assumed skills and knowledge.

Who Should Attend

Security Supervisors and equivalent in rank, or individuals seeking a career in the security industry.

What You'll Learn

No Subject Code Subject
1 SEC-SRM-3002-1.1 Security Risk Analysis (Assess and Address Security Risks)

Assessment : POLWEL
Covers the skills and knowledge required to assess client security risks, identify security risks and threats, address security deficiencies, and to submit findings and recommendations.

2 SEC-PDV-3001-1.1 Capability Development (Induct Security Personnel*)

Assessment : SII
Involves conducting site induction to new and existing security officers, introducing security officers to the appropriate person in-charge of premises, orientating on security officers’ roles & responsibilities, induction on patrol duties, the access control area, security & alarm systems and reception duties.

3 SEC-SOP-3011-1.1 Security Operation Compliance (Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework*)

Assessment : SII
Covers the knowledge and skills to interpret job roles and responsibilities of security supervisor, apply understanding of contractual agreement to delivery quality security services, demonstrate ability to protect client’s interests and apply understanding of security supervisor’s legal rights and responsibilities at work.

4 SEC-SOP-3007-1.1 Guard and Patrol (Supervise Security Officers)

Assessment : POLWEL
This unit was formerly known as ‘Supervise security activities’. It involves understanding security operations procedures, allocating and rostering security officers’ duties, offering guidance and support to security officers, providing supervision of security officers during emergency situations and ensuring health and safety of premises and security officers are maintained.

5 SEC-TEM-3001-1.1 Access Control Management (Deploy Security Equipment)

Assessment : POLWEL
This unit of competency specifies the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by security personnel to interpret the security plan, deployment of security equipment and supervision of security personnel manning access control, alarm monitoring and CCTV monitoring.

6 SEC-SOP-3008-1.1 Manpower Planning (Monitor and Review Security Operations)

Assessment : POLWEL
Equips the security supervisor with skills and knowledge to prepare for security operations as well as monitor and review security operations.

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No Subject Code Subject
1 SEC-SOP-1004-1.1 Crowd and Traffic Control Management (Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control)

Assessment : POLWEL
Covers the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and control large crowds and traffic flow and the entry and exit of vehicles. The ability to escalate potential threats and accidents to the appropriate authorities is also covered.

2 SEC-SOP-1012-1.1 Security Screening Management (Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag)

Assessment : POLWEL
This is a mandatory unit for all security staff whose duty includes conducting security screening of person and bag with the use of both hand held and walk through metal detectors. This unit provides the skills and knowledge required in the preparation prior to the conduct of security screening; conduct and perform security screening of a person with the walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, conduct pat-down search of a person and manual bag search, before allowing access into premises.

3 SEC-ICM-2001-1.1 Deterrence (Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places)

Assessment : POLWEL
Covers the abilities and knowledge to apply appropriate actions to deter undesired outcomes when on duty at protected areas and places.

4 SEC-PDV-3003-1.1 Performance Management (Lead and Manage a Team of Security Officers)

Assessment : SII
Covers the skills and knowledge required to plan performance of the security team, influence the team’s performance, assess and review the security team’s performance.

5 SEC-ICM-3003-1.1 Incident Response (Perform Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre)

Assessment : POLWEL
This unit equips security personnel with the knowledge and skills to take over duty, monitor status of field personnel, manage situations and hand over duty. This includes exercising the skills and knowledge in management of multi-sites, acting as a resource co-ordinator at the central command centre for all agency sites.

After your Training


  1. You are required to upload all your e-SOAs in the PLRD system to reflect the security modules you have passed (deemed competent).

  2. How do I apply for the WSQ Full Qualification?
    We will consider your application/request on a case-by-case basis if you have completed at least half of the modules required for a Full Qualification (FQ) with TP-SII after Dec 2022 for the first six months from 1 Jan 2023 to 30 Jun 2023 (if not, please approach POLWEL).

    You can request the printing of the Full Qualification (FQ) either

    1) Via email: sii@tp.edu.sg by completing the form here.
    2) Or walk into our office to complete and submit the form

Read more about the current policy for WSQ Full Qualification here. 

Course Schedule/Apply

Intake Info  
View the Course Calendar


Application Procedures

Click on the Apply button above to submit your application online.

Steps to follow in your application:

Step 1 - Enter NRIC/ Passport No

Step 2 - Select course code and course commencement date.

Step 3 - Enter personal, qualification, employment and sponsoring details (if applicable).

Step 4 - Make declaration and submit online application

Generally, a course run is opened for online application only about 12 weeks before the scheduled training date and will close about 2 weeks before course commencement date or when the maximum number of applications is reached, whichever is earlier. 

Courses with a “Commencement Date” available for selection in the “Online Application for Part Time Courses” system means that a particular course run is available for application. If you do not see a commencement date of the course that you want, it means that the application for that course run has closed or it is not opened for application yet.

After the online application closes and upon confirmation of the running of the class, a confirmation letter of offer will be sent via email to and reach the applicant about 1 week before the course commencement date. The course fee, payment method, enrolment and other information will be provided in the letter. Applicants must provide a valid email address during the online application in order to receive the soft copy confirmation letter of offer.



  1. Assessment may be conducted on a different day after the last day of training.
  2. Trainees will be informed of their assessment date on the 1st day of training.
  3. All assessment will be conducted within one week after the conclusion of the respective modules.
  4. Security Industry Institute reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fees, amend any other information or cancel classes with low enrolment.
  5. Currently, all our training programmes are conducted on a full-day basis from 9.00am to 6.00pm, unless otherwise advised.

Course Fees

Fees Type Course Fees
(w GST) 
Full Course Fee S$908.41
Singapore Citizens
Aged below 40 S$270.00
Aged 40 and above / SME-sponsored S$101.78
Non-Singapore Citizens
Singapore Permanent Residents S$272.52
SME-sponsored (Singapore Permanent Residents) S$104.30

Self-Sponsored Trainees


  1. Self-sponsored trainees will qualify for The SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy if they are Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above.
  2. NTUC Union members will enjoy 50% unfunded course fee (i.e. the balance course fee payable after applicable government subsidy) support up to $250 per calendar year under the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP). The unfunded portion of the course fee must be S$20 and above. This excludes GST, registration and other miscellaneous fees.

Please visit the NTUC UTAP webpage here for more information.


Re-assessment Fee


Module Re-Assessment Fee

Security Operation Compliance

(Perform Supervisory Duties Within Legal Framework)


Capability Development

(Induct Security Personnel)


Performance Management

(Lead And Manage A Team Of Security Officers)


Incident Response

(Perform Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre)


Guard and Patrol

(Supervise Security Officers)


Manpower Planning

(Conduct Operation Briefing And Debriefing)


Manpower Planning

(Monitor And Review Security Operations)


Security Risk Analysis

(Assess And Address Security Risks)


Access Control Management

(Deploy Security Equipment)


Payment Mode


Payment for SII courses can be made as follows:

1 SkillsFuture Credit  Upon confirmation of the course, an email with the payment link will be sent to you latest about 1 week before the course commencement. Please refer to the instructions on the online payment page to make the payment. Please do not make payment manually via the My SkillsFuture Credit Portal before receiving the confirmation email with the payment link from TP.
2 eNETS/Credit Card/PayNow Upon confirmation of the course, an email with the payment link will be sent to you latest about 1 week before the course commencement. Please refer to the instructions on the online payment page to make payment via eNETS, Credit Card or PayNow.
3 Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) The PSEA scheme is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which allows students to utilise the funds in their own and/or their siblings' PSEA accounts for the payment of selected fees and costs.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your PSEA before applying via Forms. Please do not submit the form before receiving the confirmation email with the payment link from TP. The PSEA form can be located on the online payment page as well.


For WSQ Short Courses

  1. It is a requirement for all trainees to attain at least 75% training attendance and pass the assessment for EACH module to enjoy SSG’s subsidy. Trainees who do not meet the requirement will have to pay the full unsubsidised course fees.
  2. Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel course with low enrolment.
  3. The following withdrawal and refund policy (effective 1 May 2022) will apply:

    If notice of Withdrawal is given in writing: Refund amount

    14 Calendar days or more before the commencement of the course/module

    • Full Refund of Course Fee
    • No Administrative Fee

    Less than 14 calendar days before commencement of the course/module

    • 50% Refund of Course Fee
    • No Administrative Fee
    Upon commencement of course/module
    • No Refund
    • No Administrative Fee

    In the event that the course/module is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given

    There will not be any refund of module fee if the request for deferment is approved. Student will be required to top up the difference should there be an increase in the fee for the next intake.

Course Contact

  • 62255744
  • Monday - Thursday: 8.30am to 6.00pm
    Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

  • https://www.tp.edu.sg/sii
  • Security Industry Institute
    Temasek Polytechnic
    East Wing Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 4
    21 Tampines Ave 1
    Singapore 529757

  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel a course with low enrolment.

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