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Course Overview

This is a bundle of 2 MLCs to be completed together:


1. Self-Leadership

Self-leadership is the foundation of greatness, which is a cultivated art. And that begins with self-leadership because at the center of greatness is you, who makes all the difference. There is power in purpose, and with firm and consistent self-leadership, we are able to tap into the deep wells of being a truly value-based leader who is authentic, humble, creative and builds an accountable community.


In this course, you will be given the tools to ensure your true leadership potential is unleashed and honed so that your role in the Global Marketplace is optimized.


2. 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management

Managing conflict effectively involves having a framework to understand the different types of conflict: Data, Structural, Incompatible Interests, Values and Relationship. Having this framework will enable you to figure out earlier on how to categorize your conflicts, prevent them from escalating into relational or value conflicts and then help you to focus on the real issues in conflict.

Who Should Attend

1. Self-Leadership

Foundation/First Line Manager, Professionals


2. 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management

First Line Managers/Senior Supervisors

What You'll Learn

1. Self-Leadership

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the four aspects of Self-Leadership
  2. Identify the 8 ways to practice self-awareness
  3. Define 'Self-Management'
  4. Identify some common 'hot buttons'
  5. Identify and describe the Five Steps to Self-Recovery


2. 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Give you greater confidence to get into conflict situations in sizing up what the conflict issues are
  2. Equip you with skills to deal with the types of conflicts and not escalate the conflict and make it worse
  3. Provide you with a very systematic way of analysing the conflict situations 4. You will be able to build better relationships and navigate through difficult conflict situations



Mode of Assessment


Reflections, applications, sharing in social media and experiential activities, quizzes










Participants will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion issued by Temasek Polytechnic upon completion of each MLC.

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