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Course Overview

This course will equip participants with the basic knowledge and understanding of the world of management, including the management functions of Planning and Organising. Participants will have an appreciation of the importance of management through effective planning and organising

Who Should Attend

Participants who are interested to deepen their knowledge about "Management" and its importance to organizations and build a good foundation for further studies in Business Diploma courses


Managers and supervisors who wish to have in-depth knowledge of the management concepts.

What You'll Learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to:


  1. Explain how the organisational mission influences goal setting and planning

  2. Describe the hierarchy of goals in an organisation

  3. State the benefits of planning and goals

  4. Explain the characteristics of effective goals

  5. Apply the steps of the basic planning process

  6. Compare the three types of planning in an organisation

  7. Explain the link between goals and plans

  8. Describe the steps in the organising process

  9. Explain the key organising concepts to consider in the process of organising

  10. Apply the various approaches to departmentalisation.



Mode of Assessment


Multiple Choice Questions / True or False – measure participants’ understanding of key concepts and application of concepts learnt for each topic









Participants will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion issued by Temasek Polytechnic upon completion of each MLC.

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