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Course Overview

The Specialist Diploma in Aquaculture Management & Technology (SDAMT) is a specialised programme meticulously crafted to empower adult learners with advanced knowledge and skills in the dynamic field of aquaculture. As the aquaculture industry undergoes intensification, the need for precision, scalability, and sustainability has become imperative. The SDAMT is designed to address these evolving demands, offering a unique blend of foundational aquaculture practices and cutting-edge technologies.


Upon completion of the SDAMT, graduates will possess the expertise to excel in roles that demand a nuanced understanding of aquaculture practices, precision farming, and sustainable operations. This programme equips learners to contribute effectively to the industry's growth while upholding the principles of precision and sustainability that are crucial in today's aquaculture landscape.



All students are required to bring their own notebooks for lessons. You may refer to the required technical specifications for notebooks HERE.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements


A Polytechnic Diploma or ITE Technical Diploma/Technical Engineer Diploma/ Work-Learn Technical Diploma or equivalent OR


A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent OR


A Post-Secondary Certificate with at least 3 Years of relevant working experience.

Who Should Attend

Adult learners, including aquaculture professionals and mid-career switchers, who like to learn the skills and knowledge to maintain optimal care and health in aquatic animals, and to optimise aquaculture operations through technology and responsible aquaculture practices.

What You'll Learn

Participants will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Aquaculture Management & Technology upon successful completion of the following:


  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Aquaculture Science & Technology + Certification of Responsible Care & Use of Fish (RCUF)
    Post-Diploma Certificate in Precision Aquaculture & Technology

  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Aquaculture Farm Management & Sustainability + Certificate in Singapore Standard for Good Aquaculture Practice (SS-GAP)

Subject Code Subject
AAC0101 Aquatic Animal Health & Disease Management

This subject covers the common causes of aquatic animal disease transmission, identification, and diagnosis methods. Quarantine measures and procedures such as vaccination, prophylaxis, disease prevention and control will be highlighted. It also covers the knowledge and skills in water quality monitoring and water treatment for disease control in aquaculture systems.

AAC0102 Aquatic Animal Care & Nutrition

This subject covers the concepts and principles of aquatic care and nutritional requirements at different stages of aquatic animals’ life cycle. It covers the knowledge and skills in breeding, handling, and feeding behaviour. Students will also learn the basic techniques, regulations, and responsibilities in using fishes for scientific purposes. 

*Candidates will be awarded with Responsible Care & Use of Fish (RCUF) after completing this subject

Subject Code Subject
AAC0201 Precision Fish Farming & Operations

This subject covers the different methods and tools used in fish farming that apply technological solutions and automation principles during different phases of farming operations. Key topics include real-time water quality monitoring, automated feeding and environmental control, fish health assessment, and precision harvesting. Through hands-on experience and case studies, students will acquire the skills to implement precision farming methods, improve fish welfare, resource management, and economic performance in the rapidly evolving aquaculture industry.

AAC0202 Global Perspective in Aquaculture

This subject provides students with a comprehensive understanding of aquaculture practices and technologies, and their significance from a global perspective. This subject includes aquaculture biology, global aquatic pollution, food security through sustainable farming. Through case studies, discussions and seminars by academia and industry experts, students will analyse best practices, identify emerging trends, and develop a holistic approach to address the evolving needs and opportunities in the global aquaculture landscape.

Subject Code Subject
AAC0301 Aquaculture Farm Management & Regulations

This subject covers the specific needs of farm operations from environmental and regulatory perspectives. Students will learn about biosecurity management strategies in farm operations that helps to reduce economic losses and environmental related impacts caused by disease outbreak. Regulatory requirements for disease reporting and guides on good record keeping practices that supports responsible aquaculture practices will also be covered.

*Candidates will be awarded with Singapore Standard for Good Aquaculture Practice (SS-GAP) after completing this subject.

AAC0302 Sustainable Aquaculture

This subject covers the principles of sustainability and sustainable aquaculture practices. Students will explore the cultivation of aquatic organism for commercial purposes with positive impact on the environment, such as contributing to local social community development and generating an economic profit. Through case studies and interactive discussions, students will develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between aquaculture and environmental sustainability.

Modes of Assessment



The assessment would be based on a combination of coursework components such as written and practical tests, case studies, assignments, and projects.


For more information on course fee / schedule, or to apply,

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the course will be able to take up job roles such as:


  • Aquaculture Technician or Aquaculture Specialists in aquaculture/ ornamental fish farms 
  • Aquarists in public aquariums 
  • Research Technicians at marine research facilities 
  • Aquaculture Farm Inspectors at government agencies

Lecturer/Trainer Profile


Find out what our industry partners have to say about this course.

"I am pleased to learn that Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is planning to launch the new specialist diploma programme mentioned above. The course structure of the proposed specialist diploma covers important aspects of aquaculture that is relevant to meet the current needs of the industry and will be able to contribute towards building and upskilling a high-quality of aquaculture technologists, to meet the manpower needs for the industry in Singapore.."

Mr. Tan Yong Shao
CEO, Prime Aquaculture Pte Ltd

"The course structure of this specialist diploma is well designed to cover important aspects of aquaculture that are offered in Post-diploma Certificate in Precision Aquaculture & Technology, Post-diploma Certificate in Aquaculture Science & Technology, and Post-diploma Certificate in Aquaculture Farm Management & Sustainability. The proposed diploma is relevant to meet the current needs of the industry and will be able to contribute towards building and upskilling a high-quality of aquaculture technologists, to meet the manpower needs in Singapore."

Dr Farshad Shishehchian
Group CEO & Co-founder
Blue Aqua International Pte Ltdd


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  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel course with low enrolment.