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Course Overview

Do you plan to operate a pet retail shop or happen to work in one?  This course will provide you the essential knowledge and skills through lectures and a hands-on workshop.  It will mainly cover regulatory requirements, basic animal care and management, animal health and diseases, as well as practical handling and restraint of different companion animal species such as dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and mouse.  

Who Should Attend

Pet retail shop personnel in the pet industry for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits and chinchillas or those who are interested to enter into the industry. 

What You'll Learn

Lecture (16 hours + 3 hours of self-directed learning)

  • Animals & Birds Act Regulations
  • Animal Housing
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Communication and Behaviour
  • Introduction to Basic Grooming
  • Animal Physiology 
  • Animal Health & Diseases
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Client Education

Workshop (4.5 hours) 

  • Animal Handling and Care
  • Parasitology

Subject Synopses

Animals & Birds Act Regulations

This topic will introduce participants to the legislations governing the import and export of animals, including CITES, animal welfare, the responsibility of pet shop owners, and the conditions for granting pet shop licences. It will also cover legislation on the sale of medicines and medications in the local context.


Animal Housing

Principles of housing and optimum environmental conditions for the different species in different settings (pet shops, private homes, collective kennels) will be covered in this topic, together with the broad concepts of quarantine, disinfection and sanitation.


Animal Nutrition

The basics of animal nutrition for commonly kept pets will be introduced. Participants will be provided with an overview from reading pet labels to choices of pet food.


Animal Communication and Behaviour

In this topic, we will learn about the ways animals communicate and how to read their behaviour in order to provide better care for them.


Introduction to Basic Grooming

This topic gives us a brief on the common grooming tools used and the normal practices for a well-groomed pet.


Animal Physiology

We will learn about the lifespans, age of puberty, gestation periods as well as some unique quirks about the various species.


Occupational Health & Safety

This topic provides an introduction to the biological, physical and chemical aspects of occupational safety and personal hygiene practices.


Client Education

This topic will introduce the participants to responsible pet ownership, and the role pet shops can play in fostering good pet ownership in the local context.


Animal Handling and Care

In this part of the workshop, we will practise the ways to handle the different types of animals as well as the steps to conduct a daily visual/physical examination on them.



With the help of microscopes, we will look closely at some of the commonly-encountered parasites in pets and discuss ways to prevent them.



The workshop will demonstrate to the participants on practical handling and restraint in the different species (dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and mouse), animal sexing and animal physical health checks. Videotapes would be used for demonstration too.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The workshop will be conducted in small groups. Participants are expected to bring their own pets for their learning in such group settings to avoid any compromise or disappointment in their learning.  In the event that participants are unable to bring sufficient pets to the workshop, TP will postpone the course until the required pet number is reached. Pets will not be provided by TP.


Delivery Methodology

  • Lectures and Self-directed Learning (19 hrs) 
  • Workshop (4.5 hrs) 
  • Assessment 





Participants who meet at least 75% of attendance requirements and passed the assessment will be awarded the Certificate of Completion for Pet Care and Management (Companion Animals).

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  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel a course with low enrolment.