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Course Overview

This course introduces you to the fundamental engineering concepts and applications in chiller and cooling tower operations. The first part of the course covers the concept of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) in buildings. Various types of building cooling systems, building cooling load and efficiency calculation, as well as the use of Building Management System (BMS) for water-side and air-side controls will be explored. The second part of the course introduces the auxiliary equipment of chiller systems, namely the cooling tower, its operating mechanism, and the water and energy balance in the tower. Basic water chemistry, including water quality monitoring and treatment, corrosion control, as well as regulatory requirements for water, will also be discussed.

Join us to find out more about the fundamental engineering concepts and applications in chiller and cooling tower operations. Learn more about the following essential concepts:

  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) in buildings, and the various types of building cooling systems.
  • Building cooling load and efficiency calculation.
  • Use of Building Management System (BMS) for water and side controls.
  • Auxiliary equipment of chiller systems (namely the cooling tower).
  • Operating mechanism, water and energy balances in cooling towers.
  • Foundational water chemistry.
  • Regulatory requirements.
  • Water quality monitoring and treatment.
  • Corrosion control essentials.

Who Should Attend

Personnel in facility management sector.

What You'll Learn

It provides participants with the necessary information to implement, modify or optimise the operations in facility management. 


Part 1: Chiller 


1) Introduction to Building cooling systems and terminology

a) Direct expansion system

b) Chilled water system

c) Types of chillers

2) Building load, Codes, requirements

a) Calculation of building load

b) Calculation of chiller efficiency and plant efficiency

c) Calculation of payback period for chiller retrofit

3) Building Management System and basic troubleshooting in air side of the air conditioning system

a) Introduction to Building Management System (BMS)

b) Temperature control loop

c) Airflow control loop

d) Troubleshooting using BMS

4) Chiller plant room and AHU room visit

Part 2: Cooling Towers 


1) Introduction to cooling towers

a) Chiller systems and auxiliary equipment

b) Types of cooling towers

c) Cooling tower fundamentals

d) Water losses e.g. blowdown, drift, evaporation

e) Evaporative losses (System selection, design tweaks)

f)  Drift & system losses


2) Operation of cooling towers

a) Mass & Energy balances (CT water balance)

b) Cycle of concentration

c) Water quality monitoring and treatment

d) Regulatory requirements

3) Maintenance of cooling towers

a) Corrosion control

b) Efficiency optimisation

4) Water-saving strategies / new technologies / Cooling Tower site tour





Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Performance upon meeting 75% of the required course attendance. 

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