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Polytechnic Foundation Programme

At TP, we strongly believe in providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience that also contributes to their personal enrichment. PFP students can look forward to a range of out-of-class activities, designed to enhance what they experience in class and to encourage interaction with other PFP students.

In this section, we are proud to showcase our PFP students – past and present – and their achievements.

TP-PFP Outstanding Alumni and Award Recipients 

At TP, we strongly believe in providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience that also contributes to their personal enrichment. PFP students can look forward to a range of out-of-class activities, designed to enhance what they experience in class and to encourage interaction with other PFP students.


In this section, we are proud to showcase our PFP students – past and present – and their achievements.


At every TP graduation ceremony, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to the top three graduates of each diploma course. Since the first PFP@TP cohort graduated from TP in 2017, the programme is proud to have:




Hear from our class of 2023 graduates Darren Ong and Nur Sabrina as they share how PFP@TP was instrumental to their TP journey.

Darren Ong

Darren Ong Yan En – Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

Valedictorian, Class of 2023


“My year in the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) was a defining chapter in my life, shaping me into who I am now. As the recipient of the PFP Scholarship, I had the opportunity to initiate “Thinking Caps” – a collaborative study group with my fellow scholars. This experience enriched me with invaluable skills, particularly in leadership and effective communication. I also made many friends and was guided by caring lecturers during the PFP year, with whom I still keep in touch today.”


What’s next for Darren?

He’s accepted an offer from the National University of Singapore to pursue a Computer Science degree, after fulfilling his National Service commitments.


Awards and Honours

• Graduated with merit

• Course cohort Gold Medallist and Valedictorian

• 2023 The Lee Kuan Yew Award recipient

• Future Leaders in Technology by Singapore Computer Society (2023)

• Worldskills Singapore Gold Medal (ITNSA) (2023)

• IIT Youth Leader and Valedictorian (2022)

• Gold Award at Cisco Asia-Pacific Japan China Netriders (2022)




Nur Sabrina

Nur Sabrina Bte Kamal Batcha - Diploma in Law & Management

Graduate, Class of 2023


“PFP has been an immensely rewarding journey. Thanks to the unwavering support of dedicated instructors and supportive peers, PFP turned into a second family! Its curated modules equipped me with crucial skills that have proven invaluable in my university studies. PFP also gave me relevant life skills – such as communication, self-management and critical thinking – which served me well during my internship and group projects throughout my diploma studies. PFP is more than an academic pathway. It has prepared me for future success!”


Where’s Nur Sabrina now?

She’s pursuing a double degree programme at the Singapore Management University – a Bachelor’s in Social Science (Politics, Law and Economics) and a Bachelor’s in Economics!


Awards and Honours

• Graduated with merit

• Course cohort Silver Medallist

• Two-time Director’s List recipient

• Temasek Polytechnic Scholarship recipient (2020 to 2023)




PFP Student Activities 

PFP Ambassadors

PFP Ambassadors are current PFP students nominated to be leaders, outreach representatives and mentors to future PFP students. PFP Ambassadors help to bridge the gap between the PFP cohort and lecturers, and play an active role in implementing student centric and led initiatives for their PFP cohort.


PFP Ambassadors Lego Serious Play Workshop

The PFP Ambassadors of AY2021/22 attended a Lego Serious Play workshop virtually as part of a PFP Ambassadors student leadership and virtual bonding session. Facilitated by Certified Lego Facilitator and Senior Lecturer-Mentor Oh Chee Kiat, and Senior Lecturer Tan Juay Yong from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), PFP Ambassadors picked up skills on leadership, confidence building while enhancing their communication and problem-solving skills using Lego and their creativity!


PFP Ambassadors Virtual Bonding Session

The PFP Ambassadors of AY2019/20 and AY2020/21 met virtually over Microsoft Teams as part of a PFP Ambassadors Virtual Bonding Session. During the session, the 35 incoming PFP Ambassadors of AY2020/21 were inducted into the PFP Ambassadors’ family. The PFP Ambassadors also took the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for a cohort wide distribution of an encouragement card to encourage and motivate the AY2020/21 batch of PFP students amidst a home based learning semester. 

PFP Play

Organised by the PFP Ambassadors for the PFP cohort, the PFP Play is a 2 day day-camp aimed at encouraging bonding among current PFP students, during pre-Covid 19 days. Centred around the Fantastic 4 theme, teams were split and named after the 4 heroes; Reed, Storm, Grimm and Torch, where they squared off in gruelling games such as Point to Point, Dodgeball, and the main highlight of the camp – the campus wide Scavenger Hunt.

pfp fun Photos were taken pre-Covid 19.

PFP Games Day

Aimed at fostering team work and sportsmanship through sports and play, PFP students came together to compete in an inter-class game of “Tchoukball” as part of their Fitness & Wellness lessons, pre-Covid19. The PFP cohort was split into 3 groups as they competed across 3 different courts. The winning teams with the highest points from the play-offs then progressed to the semi-finals. While students engaged in friendly competition, the winning teams shared too that their winning strategy was to revise their roster according to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in order to deter them (their opponents). They also took time to analyse their opponents and devised their own strategy to position their own members for defence.


What a great display of teamwork! 

Our Pioneer Batch

The Centre for Foundation Studies is proud to share that our pioneer batch of PFP students has completed their diploma programmes with stellar results. We have:

  • 1 winner of The Lee Kuan Yew Award
  • 41 graduands with Diploma With Merit
  • 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 3 Bronze Award winners



Scroll down or click here for more details of their achievements, and their reflections on their time in TP.

"PFP definitely helped me achieve my goals. Not only did it allow me to adapt to the lifestyle changes from secondary school to polytechnic, it also taught me many relevant and important skills that would give me a head start as compared to my peers who took O levels in my diploma.
The best advice I can give to PFP juniors is to make as many friends as you can! They will stay with you throughout your entire polytechnic life. Grab all the opportunities given to you – they will benefit you in the long run!"


• Lee Kuan Yew Award 2017
• IBM Singapore Course Gold Medal
• IMDA Excellence Award
Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security
(School of Informatics and IT)  

"PFP has successfully inculcated essential skills such as research and writing, and allowed me to better handle my projects and assignments. More importantly, I made many friends in PFP, and that sense of camaraderie is invaluable. These helped me time and time again in riding out the tougher periods of my diploma program.

Remember that in this one year, you are practically very well supported. After you complete PFP, it will become even more competitive and rigorous. So breathe. Take it all in. Try out something new and don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Be very willing to learn and remember to play as hard as you learn."

ACCA Singapore Course Gold Medal
Diploma in Accounting & Finance
(School of Business)

"Having learnt the basics of certain modules in PFP, it has definitely provided a smoother transition into our official polytechnic years. Furthermore, along with the patient guidance of our PFP teachers, it helped us to grasp what we are learning faster and easier. Therefore, with a head-start into the poly life, I certainly have a competitive edge against my fellow peers.

Be 'kiasu' and do not be afraid to ask when in doubt. Learning your foundations right would help you greatly when you progress into your diploma years. Also, dare to participate and try all the activities PFP got to offer."

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Course Silver Medal
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management
(School of Business)

"PFP has helped me build the foundation I needed for my diploma, as some of the subjects I had taken in PFP helped me immensely when I went to the diploma programme. Research and Reasoning is one of the most useful subjects I've taken, as it taught me to do research and write critically. This was very important as my diploma was focused on research and if you wish to go to university, strong research skills will be needed. PFP also prepared me for poly life, as I learnt how to cope with studies better as they come.

Take advantage of the opportunities you get in PFP. You get a year's head start, so take this year to adjust to poly life accordingly, because PFP gives you one of the most balanced schedules you'll ever get here. Work hard and ensure your grades are good so that you can keep up the momentum towards your diploma programme. The lecturers are nice and willing to help, so take advantage of this! Lastly, be prepared for what's to come and never give up."


Zurich Insurance Singapore Course Silver Medal
Gerontological Management Studies
(School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

"PFP sets a solid foundation for my studies in the coming diploma programme. The modules that I have learnt throughout the diploma course are relatable to those in PFP.

Although your results in PFP do not affect you in your diploma programme, you should not be complacent and lazy. Paying attention in PFP has most certainly and definitely helped me to cope with my studies."

Thales Course Bronze Medal
Aerospace Electronics
(School of Engineering)

"After graduating from PFP, I felt more prepared and confident as I embarked my journey in my diploma course. PFP allowed me to adapt to the polytechnic lifestyle one year in advance as compared to others. The programme also lays a strong foundation in Language and Mathematics. With that, I was able to score in various modules, such as Engineering Math.

Work hard, Play Hard. Enjoy PFP as it is only going to last for one year."

Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Course Silver Medal
Aviation Management & Services
(School of Engineering)

"PFP was a great transitional phase from secondary school to tertiary education. It provided me with fundamental knowledge on design, which is relevant and helpful till today.

Do not be afraid to speak up in class and during presentations!"

Comwerks Course Silver Medal
Communication Design
(School of Design)