Diploma in Computer Engineering


Full-Time Degree Programmes
for Further Studies at Local Universities


Note: You can still apply for, and get into, many degree programmes in other fields of study, which are not listed below.  The following list only shows the degree programmes (full-time) that are directly relevant to your diploma.

BComp (Computer Science)


BComp (Information Systems)


BComp (Information Security)


BEng (Computer Engineering)


BEng (Electrical Engineering)


BEng (Engineering Science)

BEng (Computer Engineering)


BEng (Computer Science)


BEng (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)


BEng (Information Engineering & Media)


BSc (Data Science & Artificial Intelligence)


Renaissance Engineering Programme

BSc (Computer Science)

BEng (Computer Science & Design)


BSc (Design & Artificial Intelligence)

BEng (Computer Engineering)


BEng (Hons) (Information & Communications Technology)


BSc (Hons) (Applied Computing - Fintech)


BSc (Hons) (Computing Science)


BSc (Hons) (Digital Communications & Integrated Media)


BSc (Hons) (Interactive Media Game Development)

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BSc (Hons) (Real Time Interactive Simulation)

-- DigiPen