Our Achievements

WorldSkills Singapore


Electronics students have done consistently well in the prestigious biennial WorldSkills (WSS) competition over the years, testifying to their high technical competence. 


In 2023, they took home a Silver and a Bronze award, improving on their fine performance of 2021 when they also won a Silver.  Their achievements came in the Electronics category.


Muhammad Hasnaat Islam, Lim Ryan Ryutaro (both Silver), Yoong Wai Kit (Bronze)


Achievement - WorldSkills


Achievement - SG Grand Energy Challenge
Singapore Grand Energy Challenge


Two Electronics students conceptualised a revolutionary Energy Storage System for power distribution grids which distribute power to households and industries, winning a Silver award in the competition, held in Oct 2023.


Unlike conventional battery storage systems that use chemicals to store the energy, this new method which makes use of gravity to trigger the release of energy, takes up less storage space, has a longer lifespan, requires less  manpower to operate, and is more environment friendly.  


Ayhan Escandar bin Mohammad Talib, Gue Yi Peng




Electronics students achieved a Merit award in the annual Assistive & Rehabilitation Technologies Student Innovation Challenge (ARTSIC) 2022.


Their project, a smart glove with sensors, allows stroke patients to play a computer game by moving their fingers, while tracking their progress on a cloud server for doctors to monitor in real time.


Nurul Attiah Salleh, Nur Mas Zafirah bte Ahmad, Suhailah bte Jailani

Achievement - ARTSIC