AIC Activities

International Technical Mission, Community Universities in Brazil (22 November 2022)

A team of 26 members, mostly deans of 19 universities from the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, visited Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) on 22 November 2022. The visit started with a presentation from the delegation, then by Dr Lee Chee Wee (Centre Director/AIC), followed by tour of the facilities. The delegates were treated to a sumptuous meal by the students at ToP Table.

This initial visit is hoped to open up more opportunities for AIC to network and collaborate with the delegation. We are looking forward to the negotiations and discussions after this engaging and meaningful visit. 

1st Aquatic & Garden Asia Show 2022 (3 to 4 Dec 2022) at Singapore EXPO & Convention Centre

AIC will be involved in the 1st Aquatic & Garden Asia Show which is happening right after the end of World Aquaculture Singapore 2022 (29 Nov to 2 Dec 2022). Visit our booth to see the tanks AIC had designed for research and education. We are more than happy to organise education/learning journeys for food security/resilience and sustainability for schools/organisations. Contact us at for more info. 

SWITCH Lab Crawl 28 October 2022

The annual SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology) 2022 event was held at Resorts World Sentosa from 25 to 28 October.

Lab Crawl was one of the fringe activities that AIC was involved in. This happened on 28 October (12.00 to 2.00 pm) as we opened our doors to those who had signed up. The Lab Crawl Participants were an eager bunch asking many questions and showing much interest in the work done at Aquaculture. It was a really pleasure having them at our facility.

We look forward to SWITCH Lab Crawl 2023!

Singapore International Agri-Food Week (SIAW2022) 26 to 28 October 2022

There were many events held during Singapore International Agri-Food Week namely, Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (both at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre) & Fringe Activities like Farm Tours.

Aquaculture Innovation Centre played an active role for SIAW2022 with Dr Lee as Speaker for Blue Food Leaders Forum,  at Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit. AIC was involved in AFTEA by way of running a panel discussion on 27 October entitled: Innovation in Genetics & Breeding for Sustainable Aquaculture with the following panellists: 

  • Professor Berta Levavi-Sivan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Professor Justin Rhodes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Professor Dean Jerry (James Cook University, Singapore)

The session was moderated by Dr Lee Chee Wee.

Farm Tour was also a fringe activity of this event. We had the following people visit the facility after their visit to Blue Aqua.


World Aquaculture Singapore 2022 is happening from 29 Nov to 2 Dec 2022 at Singapore EXPO. Visit AIC booths to learn more about the innovative collaborations that AIC had undertaken. We look forward to seeing you.

More info in eDM.

AIC Visits CENTEXS, Sarawak (5 to 9 September 2022)

Dr Lee Chee Wee, Dr Diana Chan and Dr Saravanan embarked on a trip to Kuching, Sarawak to engage with our regional collaborator, Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) with whom a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in May 2022. Dr Lee also presented on the topic of “Aquaculture for Food Security & Wealth Creation”. The team also visited Empurou Fish Farm. The trip was a huge success with discussions on how to fulfil the collaboration that was agreed upon in the MOU.

Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2022

The annual Agri-Food Tech Expo is taking place from 26 to 28 October at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore. Be part of the movement as a delegate or an exhibitor.

Details in eDM.

Fine Bubble Technology Symposium 2022 - 30 August 2022

Fine Bubble Technology (FBT) is an exciting innovative technology that has applications for a range of industries including aquaculture, water treatment, environmental cleaning, agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare, deep cleansing for personal care, sterilisation, etc. The FBT Symposium, a virtual event will be held on 30 August 2022. Details on registration found in brochure. 

Challenges and Opportunities to Sustainable Aquaculture Water Management in Southeast Asia Roundtable – 5 May 2022

Dr Lee Chee Wee, Centre Director/AIC was a speaker/panellist at Challenges and Opportunities to Sustainable Aquaculture Water Management in Southeast Asia Roundtable organised by ESG and IPI Singapore on 5 May 2022. The event was onsite which was certainly met with much excitement from the attendees.

The key discussion points were:

  • Challenges of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.
  • Demand in the region for water management and monitoring solutions.
  • Potential of cost-effective solutions in water quality management and monitoring for intensive farming.
  • Key considerations that a water technology/technology integrator company will need to have in pivoting to find opportunities in aquaculture.
  • How should companies get started on the journey, and what does it take?
AIC & ANN Webinar: Talking with Titans on 16 June 2022

Aquaculture Innovation Centre has been collaborating with Aquaculture Nutritionists Network (ANN) in organising the Talking with Titans series of webinars. The webinar on 16 June 2022 is entitled: Solving The Raw Material Crisis: A Norwegian Perspective by Dr Margareth Øverland

The eDM has more details.

Responsible Seafood Production for Singapore Farmers

WWF-SG and HATCH organised the above workshop cum networking session, together with AIC. Dr Saravanan, Lead Scientist also presented on Aquaculture Biosecurity. The group of farmers had the opportunity to share their concerns and needs to the team. 

Here is the eDM.

Aquaculture Innovation Ideation Challenge (AIIC)

AIIC is the first ever student ideation competition organised by World Aquaculture Society – Asian Pacific Chapter and AIC.  More details can be found in the eDM. 

Innovate UK visits AIC

A team of 13 UK-based companies visited AIC on 1 April as part of their one-week mission to Singapore. The visit started with a presentation by Dr Lee Chee Wee, Centre Director/AIC. The presentation prompted much discussion and engagement amongst the 13 delegates who truly had a fine time with us. The presentation ended with a tour of AIC facility. 

AIC & ANN Webinar: Talking with Titans on 13 January 2022

Aquaculture Innovation Centre’s collaborated with Aquaculture Nutritionists Network in organising the Talking with Titans series of webinars. The webinar entitled: Bringing back the black: An Indian perspective met with strong support. The eDM has more details.

The recording of the webinar can be found here.

AIC in Aqua Practical Magazine

Two articles written by the AIC team are featured in Asian Aquaculture Network’s magazine entitled: Aqua Practical Magazine.

One article features on Aquaculture Innovation Centre by Susila Krishnasamy and the second article, entitled: AIC R&D Farm written by Deborah Chua, Khoo Chia Loon and Kenny Wong, focuses on the activities at the farm.



AIC Symposium: Singapore Aquaculture with IHLs & RIs ~  11 November 2021

In our very first AIC Symposium on ‘Singapore Aquaculture with IHLs & RIs’ we have esteemed speakers from the AIC Consortium presenting on the following 4 main areas:

  • Health and Disease Management
  • Breeding, Care and Culture
  • Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding
  • Aquaculture Digitalisation

Full details in the attached EDM.
Click here for the recording.

AIC & ANN Webinar: Talking with Titans on 3 November 2021

AIC & ANN are organising Talking with Titans with a presentation from Dr Brett Glencross on Ingredient Assessment in the 21st Century: Reaffirming the Role of Marine Ingredients. More details in eDM.

The Local Farm Xchange 2021 | 14 October | 2.00 – 4.00 pm

In conjunction with World Food Day 2021, AIC and Gardenasia are co-organising The Local Farm Xchange 2021: The Future of fish – is there one? More details here.

AIC & ANN Webinar on 23 Sept

Aquaculture Innovation Centre and Aquaculture Nutritionists Network are co-organising the webinar entitled: Talking with Titans: Shrimp Health through Best Farm Practices & Functional Feeds by Dr Nguyen Duy Hoa. 

Recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Aquaculture Innovation Ideation Challenge (AIIC)

World Aquaculture Society – Asian Pacific Chapter & AIC are organising the Aquaculture Innovation Ideation Challenge (AIIC). There are 2 categories of students who may be eligible for the challenge. Read more here. 

AIC-ANN Webinar on 31 August

Aquaculture Innovation Centre is co-organising “Talking with Titans: Enzymes, Economy & Environment: Connecting the EEEs” with Aquaculture Nutritionists Network (ANN) on 31 August (4.00 pm Singapore Time) via MS Teams. More details in eDM. 

WAS-APC, AIT & AIC Webinar on 28 July

Aquaculture Innovation Centre co-organised the above webinar with World Aquaculture Society – Asian Pacific Chapter and Asian Institute of Technology on 28 July. The focus of this webinar is on digital aquaculture. Click more for details in eDM. 


Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Blue Aqua and SAS to develop Smart Aquaculture Solution for Fish and Shrimp Farming in Singapore

SAS, a leader in analytics, announced its partnership with Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and international aquaculture consultancy and farmer, Blue Aqua International to develop a Smart Aquaculture Solution to boost local production of fish and shrimp. 

ANN & AIC Webinar on 17 June

Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) together with Aquaculture Nutritionists Network (ANN) are co-organising ‘Talking with Titans: Sustainable Aquafeeds – Challenges & Opportunities'.

Recorded webinar can be viewed here.

WAS-APC & AIC Webinar on 24 June

Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and World Aquaculture Society – Asian Pacific Chapter (WAS-APC) are co-organising ‘Aquaculture Innovation & Technologies Webinar Series’ with the theme ‘Nutrition’.

WAS-APC & AIC Webinar: Microbial Management in Aquaculture on 19 April 

Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and World Aquaculture Society – Asian Pacific Chapter (WAS-APC) are co-organising a webinar on Microbial Management in Aquaculture on 19 April 2021. 

Recorded webinar can be viewed here.

3-part series of Aquaculture Innovation Webinars

AIC tied up with IPI, Innovation Norway and Trendlines to co-organise a 3-part series of Aquaculture Innovation Webinars.

Recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Managing Microbes in Aquaculture - Old & New

Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and Aquaculture Nutritionists Network (ANN) are co-organising this webinar on 20 May 2021 with Albert Tacon, Diana Chan & Kabir Chowdhury as panellists. 

Recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Upcoming: World Aquaculture 2020 Webinar Series [14 – 16 Dec 2020]

World Aquaculture 2020 was postponed from June to December this year owing to the pandemic. This has been further shifted to June 2021. World Aquaculture Society (WAS) is organising this teaser webinar series prior to the big event in June 2021. Do click on: if you are keen to join in the webinar.

Sabah Minister Visits AIC

Sabah Minister for Agriculture and Food Industry and his team visited AIC on 20 January 2020.  They were impressed with the work done by the centre despite its infancy stage of setup. The discussion was extended and detailed followed by a tour of the facilities. This visit has prompted ESG and AIC to pin down the areas of collaboration between Sabah and AIC.

Learning Journey - Enterprise Academy

A team of 23 young and enthusiastic officers from Enterprise Academy visited AIC as part of a learning journey. The young and energetic officers were exuberant in their queries during the presentation by Dr Lee Chee Wee, Centre Director/AIC.

Learning Journey – Ministry of Health (MOH)

On 7 November 2019, a team of 40 staff members from different branches of MOH for this learning journey. All of them came eagerly wanting to learn about what AIC was doing especially with regards to technology. They asked, laughed and learned on a bright afternoon. They were especially thrilled by Dr Lee’s anecdotes.

German CEOs Visit AIC
Learning Journey for Bangladeshi Delegates

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