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Course Overview

In a bid to better resonate with increasingly digitally savvy consumers, brands worldwide are recognising the immense value of investing in their online presence.


More and more organisations are also harnessing the power of social media, creating captivating content that engages target audiences across platforms to build a unique identity and enhance their brand equity. Additionally, emphasis is placed on the application of good UX design, which acts as a crucial bridge, seamlessly blending function and aesthetics to amplify engagement and create positive user experiences for brands and their audiences.


If you are seeking to connect with audiences in an ever-cluttered digital environment, take your brand-building and UX design know-how to the next level with our comprehensive course. Enabling you with essential skills and knowledge for this generation’s business challenges, you will be equipped to meet digitalisation’s dynamic demands.


Embark on an exciting learning journey with the partnership of Temasek Polytechnic and General Assembly. This programme combines the strength of both institutions, offering a comprehensive curriculum that spans UX design principles, design and innovation strategies and technological proficiency. Be empowered to confidently create attractive and engaging user experiences.


Join our holistic and transformative learning experience and unleash your creative potential  to create bold, compelling and impactful solutions that surpass audience needs.

Entry Requirements


Eligibility Criteria


Minimum Entry Requirements for Work-Study Programmes

Work-Study Post-Diplomas

Graduates from the list of feeder Polytechnic Diplomas, ITE Technical Diplomas / Work-Study Diplomas in relevant discipline or equivalent


Work-Study Programme Incentives Eligibility

Work-Study Programmes sign-on incentives are extended to eligible Singaporeans who are:

  • within three years of graduation from the Polytechnics/ITE or the Operational Ready Date (ORD) for full-time National Servicemen

This eligibility is subject to prevailing criteria.


Feeder Programmes All diplomas related to Design, Media and Communications

What You'll Learn

Participants will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Design for Integrated Communication upon successful completion of the following:


  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Innovation Digital Communication
  • Post-Diploma Certificate in User Experience Design

Subject Code Subject
DCE062K Brand Strategy & Engagement

This subject introduces techniques in which to identify consumer trends for creative ideation. It also includes analytical and rational implementation of strategies, as well as best practices for marketing to engage consumers effectively. It covers the various approaches towards measuring of success in an advertising communication.

DCE063K Technology for Immersive Experiences

This subject focuses on the role of technology in design and how technology can be used to solve problems or create an immersive experience for consumers. Topics will cover current and emerging technologies in modern society, digital product design principles, as well as how to integrate technology for an innovative user experience.

DCE064K Content Creation & Storytelling

This subject focuses on the craft of content creation to engage target audiences. It includes going through the process of research, developing insights and creative ideas to produce a campaign. This provides an in-depth experience of working in a creative agency, as well as insights to the latest trends and innovations in the advertising industry.

Subject Code Subject
DCE065K Discovering UX Design

In this subject, students will be introduced to user experience design — its definition, methodologies, application, mindsets, skillsets, and context within the larger product design and advertising/marketing ecosystem. Students will also survey various user research methods — both qualitative (user interviews, contextual inquiry) and quantitative (surveys, website metrics, secondary research) — learning the when, why, and how to use each.

DCE066K Planning User Journey & Information Architecture

In this subject, students will create user personas reflecting the information and insights relevant to product and advertising/marketing teams, identifying key user needs, frustrations, and pain points. Students will also learn about origins of information architecture, how user behaviours influence their approach to navigation, search, and sorting/filtering.

DCE067K Wireframing & UI Design

In this subject, students will learn the fundamentals of paper sketching and its importance to the user experience design process. Students will also learn about visual design and communication through a series of usability and product design frameworks that emphasize emotional connection. Visual design topics include colour, typography, imagery, and layout. Next, students will be introduced to design systems — frameworks that enable product design teams to centralise and distribute reusable design components and code libraries across the organisation.

DCE068K Prototyping & User Testing

In this subject, students will be introduced to various prototype formats (paper to functional) and the role of visual and interaction fidelity in user testing. Students will be required to produce a prototype for usability testing; in preparation for testing, they will learn about recruitment, planning, facilitation, and synthesis best practices, culminating in the creation of a usability testing report.

Modes of Assessment


The assessment would be based on a combination of coursework components such as written and practical tests, case studies, assignments and projects.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the course, graduates will be able to take up potential positions such as:


  • Graphic designer
  • Multimedia (including games) designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Other graphic and multimedia designers and artists     
  • Creative advertising professionals
  • Digital marketing professional (e.g. online, social media, e-commerce)
  • Service Designer
  • Content Writer

Course Schedule/Apply

Intake Info Application Period Course Duration

To be announced


12 months

April & October Semesters

Please submit the following documents during your submission. Kindly name the files according to the guidelines below. 


1. Resume (filename: Resume-YourName.pdf)
2. Highest Qualification Certificate (filename: Certificates-YourName.pdf)
3. Academic Transcripts (filename: Transcripts-YourName.pdf)
4. NS Completion Certificate, if applicable (filename: NS Certificate-YourName.pdf)


Please note that relevant documents will be forwarded to all participating companies for their selection.


Selection of applicants is at the discretion of the participating companies and participating companies will contact their shortlisted applicants for interview. Applicants have the right to reject the interview if they do not wish to be employed by the company who contacted them.

Only applicants who are hired successfully and placed on this programme by the participating companies will be invited to submit an online application for the Work-Study Post-Diploma Courses.

Course Fees

Fees Type Course Fees per PDC
(w GST)

Singapore Citizens

Aged 40 and above (Individual or SME-sponsored) S$457.80
Aged below 40 S$693.24
SME-sponsored aged below 40 S$477.24
Others & Repeat Students S$4,800.36
Non-Singapore Citizens
Singapore Permanent Residents S$1,857.36
SME-sponsored (Singapore Permanent Residents) S$477.24
Others & Repeat Students S$4,800.36

Course fees payable is based on per Post-Diploma Certificate.

Course fees will be reviewed by MOE on an annual basis and adjusted accordingly.

MOE subsidy will not be applicable for students who repeat a module or semester.                                                                       

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    Closed during lunchtime, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
    and on weekends and public holidays.

  • Website: https://www.tp.edu.sg/wsp
  • Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA)
    Temasek Polytechnic
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  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel a course with low enrolment.