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Course Overview

This 27-hour programme enables the participants to gain an understanding of the basic principles necessary to start and operate a business. This entrepreneurship programme is designed for individuals who have an interest in developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs. The programme will add value to the participant’s entrepreneurial journey.

What You'll Learn

What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

The profile of a successful entrepreneur. Discover whether one possesses the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Appropriate negotiation skills will also be required in the entrepreneurs’ repertoire.

How Entrepreneurship Will Affect Your Lifestyle

The demands and expectations of an Entrepreneur. The change that will be required to happen to make the switch.

Choosing the Right Business Structure

What skill sets are available in the leadership team? Should the business be new or existing? The appropriate

structure for the business. ACRA and business registration in Singapore.

Generating Business Ideas 

Creating new ideas for new businesses. Ensuring that the idea can be transformed from a plan to reality. The participant will also be required to conduct a simple risk assessment. 


Location and Resources 

Identification of customers and the location when you can reach them. To rent or lease the location. To identify whether to apply online or offline or both approaches. The availability of all the different resources required to run the business. The appropriate relationship with suppliers and partners will also be covered. 


Understanding Legal Issues 

The need to be aware of legal, trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights. The basic understanding of legal, trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights. 


Addressing Human Resource Issues 

The organisation's structure comprises full-time and part-time staff. The recruitment and compensation/benefit scheme. The best way to retain talent, provide employee training and improve motivation. The working environment and culture of the organization. The reporting and performance appraisal structure. Providing a secure environment for the staff of the organization. 


How Technology/IT Can Help You

The application of technology and IT to improve productivity. The importance of E-Commerce in business.

Marketing Analysis 

The need to understand the industry, market, customers, clients, suppliers and partners. Various tools such as SWOT, PEST and customer surveys will be applied. 


Marketing Your Business 

The need for customers to be aware of the business. The basics of marketing, promotion, publicity and media. The various marketing tools available.

Financing a Business 

Responsibility and accountability of a business. The basic financial reporting statements required to run a business such as profit and loss statements and cash flow. 


Securing Finance 

The need to understand profit and cash flow. the various sources of funds available from relatives, banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, and public and governmental agencies. The appropriate way to secure finances.

Design a Winning Business Plan 

The advantages of a winning business plan. The key features of a business plan. The detailed sections of a business plan. 


Business Proposal Review 

The participants will collect data for their businesses. They will adopt various techniques to obtain the necessary information. They will prepare a draft write-up for consultation and review. 


Business Planning 

The participants will embark on a detailed business plan. They will submit a draft on business finances. They will also submit a draft on the other aspects of the Executive Summary. 



Time will be allocated for the participants to consult the lecturer(s) on how to improve their Executive Summary and business idea. Upon completion of the programme, trainees would have the knowledge of the essential know-hows of a business such as: 

  • The methods of financing a business 
  • The various marketing strategies 
  • Composition of an effective business plan



Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Performance upon meeting 75% of the required course attendance.

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