SkillsFuture Series

What is it?


The SkillsFuture Series is a curated list of short, industry-relevant training programmes that focus on emerging skills.

Who is it for?


Targeted at Singaporeans who are keen to either gain a basic understanding or deepen their skills in these emerging areas, the SkillsFuture Series comprises training programmes across 3 proficiency levels, namely Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Adult learners of different skills proficiency background can therefore benefit from the SkillsFuture Series.


Basic The course is designed for learners who have limited or no prior knowledge in the subject area. The course covers basic knowledge and application.


The course is designed for learners who have some working knowledge of the subject area. The course covers knowledge and application at a more complex level.
Advanced The course is designed for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their skills in the specialised area. The course covers complex and specialised topics.



1. 70% course fee support for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents aged 39 & below.


2. Enhanced funding schemes


  • SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) | 90% subsidy for Singaporeans aged 40 & above
  • Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) | 90% subsidy for SME sponsored Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Workfare Skills Support (WSS) | With effect from 1 Jul 2020, Workfare Skills Support (WSS) will replace Workfare Training Scheme (WTS). For more information, please visit:


The identified eight categories under the SkillsFuture Series are as follows:

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