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Course Overview

Did you know that buildings are the world’s largest energy guzzlers?  They consume one-third of all forms of energy and half of the world’s electricity.  Not surprisingly, buildings are also responsible for one-third of global carbon emissions. This course will show how you can use building energy modelling and simulation software to help you in designing more energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings, thereby achieving optimal building performance. Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is the authorised training provider for IESVE (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a world leader in the production of 3D building performance analysis software and energy simulation solutions for buildings.

Who Should Attend

Architects, Consultant, Engineers

What You'll Learn

Project Settings

  • Setting up a new project and using existing templates
  • Set site location and weather data for analysis
  • Setting up user preferences for modelling and simulation

ModelIT & Suncast

  • Create 3D model geometry with the help of various drawing tools.
  • How to add glazing, doors and openings in the model
  • Change orientation of the building
  • Add shades and adjacent buildings into the model
  • Renaming and grouping of spaces in Model IT for simulation and analysis
  • Conduct solar energy and exposure analysis in terms of kWh/m2 or total number of hours exposed
  • Create images and animations of solar shading in and around the building


  • Assign surface properties such as reflectance and transmittance values for the interiors and glazing
  • Conduct daylighting analysis and see lux levels on a working plane
  • Place artificial lights inside a space with the help of a design tool in FlucsPro
  • Conduct artificial lighting analysis

Radiance IES

  • Assign surface properties to the constructions used in the model
  • Conduct glare and lux level study inside a room
  • Create photorealistic 3D images in perspective view

Apache – Building Template Manage

  • Create new construction templates based on material specifications
  • Create profiles that best explains the operation hours of your building
  • Create internal gain input profiles to the space such as lighting, people, equipment etc.

Apache – Cooling load calculations

  • Assign construction templates and thermal templates
  • Assign thermal spaces based on space grouping
  • Create meters and energy sources to quantifying individual energy consumption
  • Conduct heating and cooling load calculation using ASHRAE heat balance method

Apache – Dynamic simulations (load)

  • Analyse cooling load profile for the entire building and specific room performances using Vistapro
  • Option for adding different renewable energy sources such as PV, Wind and CHP
  • Perform dynamic simulation for one full year to see the performance of the building



Certificate of Accomplishment

Course Schedule/Apply

Intake Info Application Closing Date Course Duration

To be advised


2 days

9.00am to 5.00pm


Registration may be closed earlier due to overwhelming response.


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Application Procedures


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Course Fees

Fee Type Item Course Fees
(w GST) 
Full Course Fee S$1,070.00
Singapore Permanent Residents S$321.00
Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below S$321.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above S$121.00
SME company-sponsored Singapore Citizens & Singapore Permanent Residents S$121.00

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