Diploma in Communications & Media Management (T40)

2019 Planned Intake: 90 JAE 2019 Last Aggregate Score: 13

Your Media Gateway – enter to learn, leave to achieve:

•    Learn to create content that’s suited for all media and media-related platforms
•    Be grounded in journalistic, communications, digital and design training
•    Understand the business behind the media industry
•    Work with industry clients to produce solutions applicable in the real world

 Yahoo News Singapore is a fast-paced digital newsroom under the Verizon subsidiary Oath. We expect our interns to be adaptable and to learn fast. The interns who have come from the CMM course have demonstrated a can-do attitude and an ability to think on their feet. We look forward to working with the next batch of interns from Temasek Polytechnic.

Hannah Teoh
Sports Lead / News Editor
Yahoo News Singapore

 To potential CMM students, you will never regret your decision to choose CMM. It is the course where you get to work hard, and play harder, with transferable skills you can apply in whatever industry you end up in.
— Huzaifah Mustaffa, 2012 graduate
     Currently pursuing Bachelor in Communication Studies
     at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, NTU


What you will learn

  • First Flight for Young Talents

    First Flight for Young Talents

    Learn the foundations of media and communications in the form of interesting theoretical and practical subjects. From photography and graphic design to journalism and media concepts, you learn basic skills and theoretical knowledge to function as media professionals.
  • Shaping up for the Future

    Shaping up for the Future

    Get into the swing of things - develop material for Radio, TV and Digital Media. Produce engaging media content in the TV and Radio studios as well as computer labs.
  • Dressed for Success

    Dressed for Success

    Work for major media corporations in a 6-month internship program where you will apply the skills and knowledge acquired. Build up your network of clients and embark on your major project in the final semester.

Notable Features

  • Specialised training at Media Biz Studios on campus with full radio, TV, publishing, editing and design facilities
  • Opportunity to work on real projects for real clients in the final year of study
  • Student Exchange Programme with the University of Western Australia (UWA)

Career Prospects

Be a multi-skilled digital content producer, marketing communications executive, news presenter, journalist, or reporter in the media and media-related industries. You can also be an entrepreneur – start and manage your own business.

 The students from CMM are always a joy to have in our 6-month internship programme. They have a great attitude towards learning and are a responsible bunch. We are glad that they are able to take what they have learnt in class and apply them in real experiences during their internship. They are creative and hardworking students. Some of them have ended up joining the industry after they graduate. We always have a great experience with the students of CMM.

Benny Soh
Asst. Lead, Partnerships & Events
English Family Segment

 I wanted specifically to enter CMM after my National Service – it had a well-rounded course that straddled both Media and Business. CMM had the best diversity in the modules for me to educate myself in the different skills relevant to the industry, while understanding the business approach of these skills. Now, I conceptualise, manage and produce content for brands and work at a larger business management capacity running digital content here. The business modules, 24-week internship experience and Major Project have all helped me understand how to approach clients, prepare for meetings and pitches.
— Phillson Rajan
Graduate, 2016
Digital Content Strategist & Manager, Beach House Pictures

Further Education

While many of our graduates join the workforce or start his/her own business upon graduation, others move on to pursue their further studies or professional certificates, either locally or overseas. Many of our alumni have done us proud in local universities such as NUS, NTU and SMU. In terms of overseas universities, we have also seen our students shine in universities in Australia, Britain, America as well as Canada.

CMM has equipped me with expertise in the creative world, which ties in with the business world intricately and complimentarily - giving me an edge in SMU, as I am able to look beyond just "Business" in school. The Major Project in my final year at CMM has helped me to gain invaluable experiences in the planning and execution of project work, which is useful in navigating the multitude of group projects, presentation and assignments in SMU. I am confident that these experiences will enable me to deal with these challenges more efficiently and skilfully.”

Victoria Tammy Neo
Graduate 2017
CMM Student Interest Group Vice-President
Currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Management in SMU

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for admission, applicants must obtain 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus Points) and meet the minimum entry requirements of this course. CCA cannot be used to meet the minimum entry requirements.

Minimum Entry Requirements

English Language (EL1)* Grades 1-4
Mathematics (E or A) Grades 1-7
Any three other subjects Grades 1-6


To be eligible for selection, applicants must also have sat for one subject listed in this group: Art/Art & Design, Business Studies, Combined Humanities, Commerce, Commercial Studies, Economics, Geography, Higher Art, Higher Music, History, Introduction to Enterprise Development, Literature in English/Chinese/Malay/Tamil, Media Studies (EL), Media Studies (CL), Music.

And another different subject listed in this group: Additional Mathematics, Art/Art and Design, Business Studies, Chinese, Combined Humanities, Commerce, Commercial Studies, Creative 3D Animation, Design & Technology, Design Studies, Economics, Elementary Mathematics, Food & Nutrition, Geography, Higher Art, Higher Chinese/Malay/Music/Tamil, History, Introduction to Enterprise Development, Literature in English/Chinese/Malay/Tamil, Malay, Media Studies (EL), Media Studies (CL), Music, Principles of Accounts, Tamil.

* Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/ Unified Examination Chinese (UEC) holders must have a minimum of grade 4 for the relevant English Language subject (e.g. Bahasa Inggeris).

Course Structure

TP Fundamentals (TPFun) Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

In this subject, you will learn how to conduct research for relevant information and validate information sources. You will also learn to recognise and avoid plagiarism, and follow standard citation and referencing guidelines when presenting information. In the course of learning, you will be required to plan, prepare and present information appropriately in written and oral form.


In this subject, you will be taught how to conduct effective meetings while applying team communication strategies and the skills for documenting meeting notes. You will be required to write clear emails, using the appropriate format, language, tone and style for an audience. You will also be taught to communicate appropriately in and for an organisation when using various platforms.


In this subject, you will be taught how to use persuasive language in written documents. You will be required to use information to your advantage to verbally communicate and convince an audience about your idea, product or service. Skills such as persuasive vocabulary, language features, graphical illustrations, tone and style would also be covered.


This subject presents you with a panoramic view of current local and global issues, which may have long term implications for Singapore. You will learn to apply critical thinking tools to examine current issues, support your views with relevant research and up-to-date data, articulate an informed opinion and mature as civicminded individuals.


This subject is designed for learners from all disciplines to embrace innovation in either their specialised field or beyond.  You will first be introduced to the Design Thinking framework and learn how to develop problem statements and ideate solutions.  Next, you will discover the tools for prototyping and innovation, such as 3D printing and laser cutting at TP’s Makerspace+ facility.   


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


LEAP 1, 2 and 3 are three fundamental subjects that seek to cultivate in you, the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development of your leadership competencies.  This character-based leadership programme enables you to develop your life-skills through establishing personal core values, which will become the foundation for your leadership credibility and influence.


This subject will help you develop both the physical and technical skills in your chosen sports or fitness activities. Through a structured curriculum that facilitates group participation, practice sessions and mini competitions, you will learn to build lifelong skills such as resilience, leadership, communication and teamwork. Physical activity sessions will be supplemented by health-related topics to provide you with a holistic approach to healthy living.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management. It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success. It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management. It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success. It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This Career Readiness programme comprises three core subjects – Personal Management, Career Preparation and Career Management.  It seeks to help you understand your career interests, values, personality and skills for career success.  It also equips you with the necessary skills for seeking and securing jobs, and to develop professional work ethics.


This subject provides essential skills and knowledge to prepare you for an overseas experience. You will examine the elements of culture and learn the key principles of cross-cultural communication. In addition, you will gain an appreciation and awareness of the political, economic, technological and social landscape to function effectively in a global environment.


You will examine your own identity, study different forms of diversity and apply strategies to inspire positive collaboration in a diverse workplace. Through a residential stay, you will have the opportunity to experience living and working with peers from different backgrounds.


This subject highlights the inter-connectedness of the world today, bringing about what it means to be a Global Citizen. You will gain an awareness of the impacts of globalisation and the concepts of social responsibility and sustainable community development. This subject also challenges you to be actively engaged in a social or environmental project.


Whether telling stories, building monuments or celebrating rites of passage, expressions of culture are at the core of cultural diversity. In this subject, everyday objects, artistic creations and popular culture are explored as ways of understanding the values and beliefs of a society. By taking this subject, you will benefit by acquiring a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities surrounding our cultural assets.


This is a subject where you will be free to pursue an area of interest through a self-directed approach, guided by staff. You will be expected to demonstrate a sense of curiosity for learning, initiate an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills, and reflect on your learning journey throughout the subject.


The 24-week internship programme is designed to expose you to the work environment where you will not only learn how organisations are run, but will also be given the chance to apply what you have learnt in the first two years of your course. You will be interning with media companies or performing in a communications and media role with companies in different industries.


* Students must choose to take either one of these three subjects OR Guided Learning (TGL1001).

Core Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

This subject provides you with an understanding of the core accounting principles underlying accounting practice; from the preparation of accounting entries to the financial statements of businesses. It also focuses on how various businesses report the results of their activities in the financial statements.


This subject covers the key management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling. The subject addresses the impact of environmental factors that affect business, the relevance of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, and international management in an organisation. It emphasises the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by supervisors/ manages in an organisation.


This subject covers fundamental computing and data analytics skills for businesses. A strong emphasis is placed in exposing students to office productivity tools which can aid in decision making as well as solving business problems through data manipulation, modelling and visualisation.


The subject introduces you to the societal role played by the mass media as a cultural, social, informational, economic, political and educational force. It examines the interrelationships of all media and their potential impact on the population.


This subject provides a foundation in the principles and concepts involved in writing script for the media. It explores the various stages of script writing which includes conducting research, conceptualising of ideas or stories and producing treatments which lend themselves for commercialisation. Key aspects on writing effective scripts include the various script styles and format will also be covered.


The subject is an introduction to the fundamentals of covering and writing news. It will encompass media literacy skills, quick identification of news events, efficient gathering of information and fast reporting on the various mass media platforms available.


This subject provides you with an introduction to the ideation, theories and practices of graphics design. It focuses on the fundamentals of design and process from the conceptualisation, production to post-production. Other areas covered in the subject include basic photography and optimisation of graphics for traditional and digital platforms.


The subject covers the fundamental principles of economics for understanding how individuals and firms make decisions. It will focus on the various aspects of the product market: demand and supply, elasticity, market competition, product differentiation. The subject includes an overview of macroeconomic indicators, the government’s macroeconomic objectives and policy tools.


This subject provides you with a working knowledge of the general principles of law that are important to business. Topics covered include contract, negligence, sale of goods, intellectual property and e-commerce.


This subject provides an understanding of the basic concepts and practices of modern marketing. It focuses on the marketing role and the tools utilised by marketers in developing the appropriate marketing mix for target market segments.


The subject is an introduction to the basics of digital news production. Through a multimedia approach, you will learn how to create quality journalistic content specifically for the digital platform, from planning, reporting, editing to determine the best use of digital and mobile technologies and tools.


This subject focuses on production techniques and technology appropriate to video production. Key aspects of producing a video include infusing of content, technical and aesthetics concerns, production processes as well as strategic business related framework. In a team, the process of transforming story ideas into effective or aesthetic video format will be achieved.


This subject covers concepts, tools and techniques needed to carry out essential audio operations. This includes the use of field and studio equipment as well as editing software for the production of audio clips. The use of audio for video will also be taught in addition to the commercialisation of audio materials.


This subject introduces you to the basics of multi-camera techniques, the principles and concepts of producing “live” broadcast, including interviews, and/or other related videos. The production of programmes follows a set of processes which includes basic multi-camera operations, lighting, audio, producing and directing. Demonstration of the multi-camera production process from pre-production to post-production will be covered.


This subject covers radio presentation techniques and the use of radio as a means of fulfilling commercial objectives. You will be guided on basic radio presentation skills and the production of radio content through demonstrations and practices.


The subject provides you with an overview of research in the media industry, and its purposes and uses. You will explore a wide range of media research methods and their usefulness in helping businesses in decisionmaking. This includes the appreciation of appropriate tools that will help formulate sound recommendations that meet the organisation’s objectives.


This hands-on subject provides an introduction to the theories and practicalities of photography and photojournalism. It focuses on the key aspects of lighting, exposure and composition techniques to produce impactful images. It will prepare you to make instant optical decisions during events or significant moments. Attention will also be placed on the use of narrative to pitch and tell compelling stories.


This subject takes the form of a final project. It allows you to propose and develop one that showcases the knowledge, skills and abilities that you have gained through the CMM course. Working in a team, you will be given the freedom to develop your project within a supervisory relationship with you lecturers. In addition, you will also document and reflect on your project outcomes. You will also be taught basic project management skills such as proposal planning and crafting, budget planning and management, and drawing up timelines.


The subject will cover the management of digital content, which involves planning, production and delivery. It will also cover appropriate digital tools for different media channels and propose effective digital communication strategies for a business environment.


This subject builds on the fundamentals of basic media production such as photography, graphic design, audio and video production. It covers the integration of separate media elements to create moving images and effects to enhance visual storytelling. Combined with their communication skills, students will be able to produce effective content for their target audiences on a variety of devices.


Graduation Requirements

Cumulative Grade Point Average min 1.0
TP Fundamentals Subjects 40 credit units
Diploma Subjects
- Core Subjects

84 credit units

Total Credit Units Completed min 124 credit units


Contact Us

For general enquiries, please contact:

School of Business

  (65) 6788 2000
  (65) 6786 9530



Lilian Khoo
Course Chair

Lilian graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Chinese Studies, and obtained her Master degree in Chinese Studies from the National University of Singapore.

She began her career with MediaCorp Radio as a current affairs producer, covering a broad range of news locally and overseas in both English and Chinese languages. She also hosted prime-time radio shows before taking on management position at Capital Radio 95.8FM to gear its strategic growth.

Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Lilian worked in government agencies, listed firms as well as MNCs in management positions where her key duties included business development, corporate communications and marketing. She also had experience working with expatriates.

Lilian maintains her relevance by keeping in touch with the industry. In addition to being invited to host external events, she was one of the judges for the ‘Singapore Digital Media Awards’ organised by the Ministry of Education, as well as a guest panellist at public seminars on youth and media. Till today, she hosts her regular weekend show on Mediacorp Radio and assists to coach new comers. She also dubs for commercial productions. At TP, besides teaching full-time students, Lilian conducts corporate workshops as well as lessons for part-time adult learners.

Tel: 67805836


Jason Cheo

Jason Cheo has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Multimedia Design from the University of Hudderfields, UK. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

After graduation, he worked as a Creative and Interactive Consultant for various companies including Yahoo South-East Asia, eBay Singapore, Sumitomo Corporation Singapore, Philips Design and J.Walter Thompson. Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, Jason was a lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where he was responsible for the development of interactive media design in the Department of Design & Media.

Jason's interests and area of research is in Interactive Digital Media, with a particular focus on the design and conceptual aspects.

Tel: 67805314


Patricia Tay Cheng Lee

After graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Patricia started her career with telecommunications company MobileOne (M1), specializing in customer service.

She then went on to gain more corporate experience with several statutory boards, including her alma mater NUS and the National Library Board. At the National Library Board, she was part of the media team responsible for the publicity of the National Library at Victoria Street when it was officially opened. Her areas of specialization include media publicity, public relations, publications, events and protocol management. Prior to Temasek Polytechnic, she was a Communications Manager with the National Parks Board where she handled media relations and crisis communications.

At Temasek Polytechnic School of Business, Patricia teaches marketing and communications related subjects. She also holds a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

Tel: 67806284


Felicia Nah
Senior Lecturer

Felicia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore. She went on to obtain a Diploma in Education from the Institute of Education. Her six years of teaching and broadcasting experience resulted in her specialization as a radio lecturer.

Throughout her career, radio is a big part of her life. As a full-time radio presenter, she co-hosted the highest-rated morning show on English radio with Brian Richmond on 90.5FM.  As Assistant Programme Director for Singapore’s only news talk station, 938LIVE, she was part of the pioneer team of radio personalities selected to start off the station.  Besides seeing to the daily operations of the station, Felicia also presented drive-time shows and talk-shows on 938LIVE.

Felicia continues to freelance as a presenter for 938LIVE and lends her voice to documentaries and commercials. As a lecturer, she is always on the lookout for future potential radio personalities whom she can inspire and thus ensure the future of the versatile medium of radio.

Tel: 67806600


Angela Chee
Senior Lecturer

Armed with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon, USA, years of experience directing and producing in the local broadcasting station and teaching at the Polytechnic, Angela’s specialization is in television and video production.

Known as the first studio director for Current Affairs, she has directed and produced live television programmes for Channel 5 including ‘Talking Point’, ‘Today in Parliament’, ‘Friday Background’, game shows and the ‘SEA Games’.

She obtained an International Certificate Program in New Media at the Rhode Island School of Design and Fraunhofer Institute combining both design studies with new media technology in 2000. Here in the Polytechnic, she grooms students for the media and film industry.

Tel. 67806229


Hie Hui Ching
Senior Lecturer

Hui Ching graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore and obtained her Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. She worked as a teacher, journalist and in marketing communications, before she completed her Masters in International Communications and Development.

Hui Ching has worked for a number of years in public relations, marketing and marketing communications in the government, transportation and IT industries. The organizations that she has been involved with included Singapore Technologies, NTUC COMFORT and Accenture. Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, Hui Ching spent 11 years with Hewlett-Packard's enterprise business, managing and driving its marketing and marketing communications programmes and initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

In Temasek Polytechnic's School of Business, Hui Ching teaches communication skills, marketing and marketing communications-related subjects.

Tel: 67805886


Teh Yee Lin
Senior Lecturer

Yee Lin has a BSc. in Multimedia Technology and Design, a Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering and a Certificate in Technical Education.

After graduation, she worked as an e-learning/multimedia developer with the Ministry of Education. Together with a team, she was in-charge of the development of electronic courseware for secondary schools and junior colleges. Yee Lin started her teaching career with a technical institute where she provided students with a head start in multimedia design and development skills. She was also actively involved in projects with local agencies such as South West CDC, People's Association and Housing Development Board.

Yee Lin specializes in the area of digital media; mainly in animation, graphic design and web design. She is interested in photography and is a volunteer photographer with the Lions Befrienders Service Association (LBSA) Singapore.  

Tel: 67806287


Jasmine Teo

Jasmine holds a Master degree in Mass Communications from Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor in Marketing and Media from Murdoch University, Western Australia. She also holds a certificate in the teaching of technical education.

She spent three years in the telecommunications industry, specializing in the marketing and sales of mobile phones, in both business and retail environment. Her desire to be an academic brought her to the Institute of Technical Education where she spent three years as a lecturer imparting her knowledge and sharing her experience in the area of retail studies.

Being a former student and graduate of Temasek Polytechnic, Jasmine is thrilled to be back working alongside many of her former lecturers. She hopes to be able to inspire her students the same way her lecturers have inspired her. At Temasek Polytechnic School of Businessl, she teaches communication skills and media marketing related subjects.

Tel: 67806774


Long Li Yann

Fuelled by a childhood dream of joining the mass communications industry, Li Yann pursued her education at Nanyang Technological University and graduated with a Bachelor of Communications Studies with Honours degree.

Throughout her career, she has written for regional trade publications that report on media and technology, as well as Shape magazine. In addition, her interest in photography led her to join Reuters as a Sub-editor on the Global Pictures Desk, which edits and distributes images to news wires around the world. Prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, she was the Group Communications Manager with Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore) where she handled internal and external communications across the group. She also pioneered the agency’s corporate foray into social media.

At Temasek Polytechnic, Li Yann teaches Communication Skills and Feature Writing. She hopes to inspire her students and nurture their interest in learning.

Tel: 67806584


Nazlene Zainal

Nazlene graduated with a Master degree in Mass Communication from Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore.

Upon graduation, she worked as a TV producer and subsequently moved to the News and Current Affairs team. In addition to several years of broadcast experience, Nazlene ventured into Channel Branding which covers marketing, public and media relations.

In Temasek Polytechnic, Nazlene teaches several subjects under Diploma in Communications & Media Management.

Tel: 67805887


Sebastian Sim

Sebastian graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Business Administration (Merit) before joining the corporate world as a Marketing Communications Specialist where he helped oversee public relations for various countries in a dot com company. Sebastian was also with government-linked company, CrimsonLogic, where he focused on corporate communications for the company's local and overseas operations.

After his corporate stint, Sebastian decided to chase his dream of being a radio presenter and picked up from where he left off in university, where he had started freelancing as a mobile disco and club DJ as well as an event emcee. Sebastian got his first break when he was cast in a supporting role for an English telemovie on Channel 5 and soon became a familiar face and went on to take up numerous lead and supporting roles in English, Mandarin and Malay projects for the local television networks as well as independent, short and feature films. Sebastian soon had his dream come true when he was picked up by Power98FM and did justice to his calling by establishing himself as the host of the station's highest-rated show, 'Power Cruisin'', on the evening drive timebelt. Sebastian then took over the reigns at the station and became one of the youngest ever Programme Director in Singapore. Sebastian then moved on to television presenting as the anchor presenter for the daily football news programme, 'FC Daily', on Starhub's Football Channel and the host of a weekly sports-lifestyle magazine show on its sister channel, Supersports Arena.

With radio as his passion and performing in his blood, Sebastian is still active in the events hosting scene and does a fair bit of voiceover work for commercials and corporate videos, plus the occasional acting project. But he hopes more now to inspire the next generation in the field of media, in his capacity at Temasek Polytechnic.

Tel: 67806594

Technical Support Officers (TSOs)


Mohamed Rafie Bin Hambali
Technical Support Officer

Rafie has a Diploma in Audio Engineering from the School of Audio Engineering. In his more than 15 years in the Broadcast Industry, he has worked for the Discovery Channel, History Channel and Disney Channel as an Audio Engineer.

As an audio engineer, he covers audio sweetening, sound design, voice-over recordings and creates Foley. Besides audio, he has also done Video Compliance Editing for the last 5 years.

As a Technical Support Officer in CMM, Rafie’s key responsibilities include taking care of the Radio and TV facilities, audio and video systems and at the same time keeping a lookout for the latest media workstations or tools in the broadcast industry.

Rafie’s interests are in Drumming - he holds a Grade 6 conferred by Yamaha Music School. His interest has brought him to places such as Vancouver and Japan.

Tel: 6780 6462


Nandakumar R.
Technical Support Officer

Nanda has been working in the TV and film Industry for more than 20 years. His experience extends to various genres on local and international TV channels doing TV shows, dramas, feature films, commercials, documentaries, music albums, ‘live’ news and film award ceremonies. During his career, he has taken on the roles of technical producer to production manager for media companies like UTV, The Right Angle Media and Mediacorp.

His varied experience has given him ample opportunity to handle different types of equipment in the TV and film industry, whether it is lighting, cameras, vision mixers or non-linear editing software. His career has taken him to countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

As a Technical Support Officer, he takes care of studio and broadcast equipment at CMM’s Media Biz Studios.

Besides spending time with his two sons, Nanda enjoys reading, following news & current affairs, listening to music, watching comedy, exercising and swimming.

Tel: 6780 6462

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