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Course Overview

The release of Chat GPT in 2022 has tremendously revolutionised the education landscape in Singapore. Since then, many other types of generative AI tools have been introduced, increasing the range of applications of it. All these tools can be used to improve educator’s productivity, thereby enhancing teaching, and learning of students.

However, to effectively use these generative AI tools, educators would need skilfully craft out effective prompts to get their desired output from these tools.

In this comprehensive one-day workshop, educators will delve into the intricacies of ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms. Beyond mere prompt engineering, participants will gain hands-on experience tailored to the educational realm, ensuring they harness the full potential of AI to foster productivity, elevate teaching methodologies, and create student-centric learning tools. This course is designed with a dual focus: empowering educators and optimizing student learning outcomes.

After completion of the course, participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding of the different types of generative AI tools in the market and acquire the ability to evaluate and select the appropriate generative AI tools for specific tasks.
  2. Understand the potential impacts that generative AI can bring to the education landscapes and learn from some case studies, understand how the latest large language models can be used to enhanced teaching and personalisation in learning.
  3. Develop practical skills in prompt design with educational context, ranging from beginners to advanced levels, to aid in preparation for class, instructional assistance, creating assessments, and creating study aids, AI-driven personalised tutoring and mentoring that enhances critical thinking in learning.
  4. Understand the importance of ethics in using generative tools.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for educators in Singapore, where they can benefit from incorporating generative AI to enhance teaching and learning in class. No technical knowledge or skills are required.

What You'll Learn

A high-level 1-day course structure is given below:



  1. Fundamentals of Generative AI and prompt engineering
  2. Different Generative AI tools in the market and their output.
  3. Local landscape and case studies of implementing generative AI in schools.



  1. Prompts to enhance teaching and learning based such as:
    • to help classroom preparation such as creating course and subject descriptions, lecture notes and ideas of delivery, developing course goals and descriptions etc.
    • to provide instructional assistance such as providing feedback, summarising an article and contextualising it to students’ profile for learning purpose etc.
    • to create different kinds of assessments
    • to create certain study aids to help students in learning.
  2. Importance of ethics issues in generative AI. We will study some of the known ethical issues caused by generative AI and the importance of using it without malice.
  3. Case study and Presentation. Students will be given a case study and they will be asked to generate ideas on how to use Generative AI to increase their productivity. This is a group activity and they will be asked to present their ideas.










Participants who meet at least 75% of the required course attendance and attempt the assessment will be awarded with Temasek Polytechnic’s Certificate of Completion.

For more information on course fee / schedule, or to apply,

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Course Contact

  • 67881212
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 6:00pm
    Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
    Closed during lunchtime, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
    and on weekends and public holidays.

  • https://www.tp.edu.sg/tsa
  • Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA)
    Temasek Polytechnic
    East Wing, Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 109
    21 Tampines Ave 1
    Singapore 529757


  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel a course with low enrolment.