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Learning Journeys

TP Tree Planting

TGIG Tree Planting

Eco-Trip Bali

TP's Green Interest Group (GIG) embarked on an unforgettable journey to Bali, experiencing the island's vibrant green initiatives. These 40 students and 3 staff members witnessed Bali's commitment to preserving its natural wonders for future generations.


One highlight was the Green School Bali and the Green Village, a sustainable community with a green international school and awe-inspiring bamboo houses. Students were amazed by the school's environmentally conscious practices and were inspired to build bamboo homes themselves. Exploring Bali's natural wonders, the group visited a paddy field, learning about local agriculture and participating in planting, fishing, and cooking their own dinner. The visit to Monkey Forest instilled a deep appreciation for nature and its inhabitants, while the turtle conservation sanctuary highlighted the importance of protecting these vulnerable creatures.


Other destinations included a waste management centre that showcased responsible waste practices. Bali proved to be a rewarding and transformative experience for everyone involved. The group encourages others to embark on their own sustainability journey, embracing the call to become green advocates for a sustainable future. Go Green. Be a Green Advocate!

Mangrove Tree Planting at Ho Chi Minh City by IIT school

Tree Planting in collaboration with Pasir Ris Sustainability Action Group

rainwater harvesting


TP Eco-conference is an annual gathering of different organisations to discuss various environmental topics and exchange ideas with like-minded people on different plans and approaches to promote a greener Singapore.  


The various organisations will be given a chance to speak and have a booth to present their ideas and techniques to combat the environmental cause that they are passionate about. As such, this event can serve as an educational ground for anyone to find out how they can help promote a sustainable city, no matter how big or small their contribution. Besides education, this event can also bring about more awareness to the public and students on the efforts made to promote a sustainable city and hopefully serve as a driving force for everyone to do their utmost in working together.


This event is mutually beneficial to those involved. Exposure is one of the pros of TP’s Eco-conference as involved parties such as environmental activists and green companies can inspire one another to share their ideas and may build on one another’s plans.  

Christmas Tree Moments

Marina One together with The Disabled People's Association and Temasek Polytechnic’s Green Interest Group came together to build 10 Christmas Trees from preloved items. The Christmas Trees tell stories of sustainability, disability and inclusion. All proceeds raised from this event goes directly towards DPA's Inclusion Ambassadors Programme.

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