Making Workplace Learning a Part of your Business

The National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@TP) helps enterprises develop and implement workplace learning (WpL) capabilities through a best-in-class structured training system. We aim to help businesses to:


  • Enhance work process performance: Fulfill business transformation needs by redesigning jobs and reskilling staff through a sustainable and structured workplace learning (WpL) system.

  • Retain workforce competency: Retain and transfer ‘know-how’ in staff competencies through upskilling and reskilling of staff utilizing workplace learning tools and strategies.

How can companies benefit from NACE?


1. Time-savings by retention of work competencies
(Staff turnover, reprofiling, structured training & coaching)


2. Cost-savings by improving work process performance
(No false steps, no miss-steps, job redesign, upskilling)


3. Growth and scaling opportunities
(New market expansion, business transformation, business growth)


4. Highly Subsidized course fees
(Companies can enjoy up to 90% subsidies by sending their employees for training)

How can NACE@TP help companies develop in-house capability in Workplace Learning (WpL)?

The company appoints NACE@TP and commits to building its Workplace Learning Competency towards a national standard.

NACE@TP provides comprehensive WpL training support, grants/subsidies support and consultancy services to the company.

The company enrols staff who are domain experts to be trained in WpL training workshops at Temasek Polytechnic.

*Free 1-1 consultation on harmonizing blueprint per company signed-up.

NACE@TP supports the company with consultancy projects to implement a Best-in-class Workplace Learning framework to tap on its long-term benefits.

What are the programmes?

What other programmes does National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@TP) offer?


  • Public and in-house training programmes on workplace learning
  • Customised solutions/programmes to develop in-house workplace learning capabilities.


NACE@TP Consultancy Service Fees


Consultancy service Estimated time
Development of OJT Workplace Learning Blueprint

1-3 months or 30-60hrs

Training Needs and Skills Gap Analysis  3-6 months or 80-120 hrs

Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) funding of up to 90% and 70% of the consultancy cost is available for successful applicants from SMEs and non-SMEs respectively.

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