[Invitation] Workplace Learning Conference 2023

Join us at the conference, as industry experts and local industry practitioners share how they have sustained or grown their businesses with Workplace Learning as one of their key instruments.


The National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@TP) helps enterprises develop and implement workplace learning (WpL) capabilities through a best-in-class structured training system. We aim to help businesses to:


  • Enhance work process performance: Fulfill business transformation needs by redesigning jobs and reskilling staff through a sustainable and structured workplace learning (WpL) system.

  • Retain workforce competency: Retain and transfer ‘know-how’ in staff competencies through upskilling and reskilling of staff utilizing workplace learning tools and strategies.

How can companies benefit from NACE?


1. Time-savings by retention of work competencies
(Staff turnover, reprofiling, structured training & coaching)


2. Cost-savings by improving work process performance
(No false steps, no miss-steps, job redesign, upskilling)


3. Growth and scaling opportunities
(New market expansion, business transformation, business growth)


4. Highly Subsidized course fees
(Companies can enjoy up to 90% subsidies by sending their employees for training)

How can NACE@TP help companies develop in-house capability in Workplace Learning (WpL)?

The company appoints NACE@TP and commits to building its Workplace Learning Competency towards a national standard.

NACE@TP provides comprehensive WpL training support, grants/subsidies support and consultancy services to the company.

The company enrols staff who are domain experts to be trained in WpL training workshops at Temasek Polytechnic.

*Free 1-1 consultation on harmonizing blueprint per company signed-up.

NACE@TP supports the company with consultancy projects to implement a Best-in-class Workplace Learning framework to tap on its long-term benefits.

What are the programmes?

What other programmes does National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@TP) offer?


  • Public and in-house training programmes on workplace learning
  • Customised solutions/programmes to develop in-house workplace learning capabilities.


NACE@TP Consultancy Service Fees


Consultancy service Estimated time
Development of OJT Workplace Learning Blueprint

1-3 months or 30-60hrs

Training Needs and Skills Gap Analysis  3-6 months or 80-120 hrs

Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) funding of up to 90% and 70% of the consultancy cost is available for successful applicants from SMEs and non-SMEs respectively.

Contact Us

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  • 9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon, Tue & Thu)

    Closed: 12:00nn to 1:00pm, Wed, Fri, Weekends & Public Holidays
  • https://www.tp.edu.sg/nace

    Temasek Polytechnic
    East Wing Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 4
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