Situated in TP School of Engineering , the Integrative Built Environment Centre (IBEC) was conceptualised to support the Singapore Green Plan and the BuildSG movement. It aims to advance Singapore's push for sustainable development and transform the built environment sector by providing training in the latest technologies.


Recognised by the Singapore International Facility Management Association as a key training and research centre for the sector, the 140 square metre centre enables students to explore smart and sustainable facility management and be future-ready for the transformed built environment sector.


Beyond these, IBEC serves as an example of how TP leverages our industry partnerships to:


With its comprehensive range of smart building technologies and complementary systems,  IBEC is well positioned to train and upskill the manpower needed to help drive the built environment sector’s transformation . 

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Smart Technologies and Systems in IBEC

IBEC’s comprehensive facilities make it the most complete set-up of its kind in any polytechnic. The two studios here also provide students with access to the latest digital architectural design and engineering simulations to facilitate their learning. 

The Centre’s Focus


TP has also partnered with NEC, a global leader in providing information and communication technology, to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance safety and security within the community. One key aspect of the partnership is the establishment of the TP-NEC Living Lab, an AI-driven smart command centre and living laboratory. This lab enables students to carry out facial recognition and biometric research and serves as a major testbed for the video analytics domain. NEC's biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fraud prevention and securing public safety and will add value to building security and operations.

What to Expect

Training conducted at IBEC focuses on different aspects of sustainability such as issues related to climate change, carbon tax, energy efficiency, green building design and smart facility management, and even sustainable product design and packaging.  

Students from the Electronics, Mechatronics and Computer Engineering diploma courses will also get to take on projects at IBEC, one of the many interdisciplinary training experiences available at TP, exposing them to the latest developments the built environment sector.

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An all-encompassing built environment hub, IBEC plays a crucial role in the transformation of the sector, from training industry-ready graduates to developing new competencies with industry partners.


Through the theoretical and practical training provided, our graduates will be well-equipped with in-demand skills and knowledge, and can look forward to taking up exciting jobs within the built environment sector as:

1.     BIM modellers

2.     Energy and sustainability consultants

3.     Compliance specialist

4.     Smart facility executives

5.     Architectural assistants

Projects at IBEC

Are you ready to be part of tomorrow’s smart and sustainable built environment?

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