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To excel in this fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment, one needs to embrace knowledge and skills upgrading. At Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA), we customise in-house training programmes for organisations that value continuous staff development and wish to upgrade the skills and knowledge of their staff.

Our Value Proposition

A strategic partner to serve human resource staff development needs of your organisation by:


  • Jointly map your training needs
  • Developing competencies through collaborations and / or customise training programmes for your organisation
  • Providing advisory on funding support

Our Clients and Courses

TSA prides itself in having trained and collaborated with the following wide variety of organisations:

TP conducted a series of aviation management courses titled,the “Future Leaders Programme” (FLP), equivalent to a Management Programme, to build the next generation of staff to transform the organisation.   The 1-year programme covers all functional areas of the airport business and promotes adherence to the highest professional standards, so as to promote the professional knowledge and capability of airport management personnel within the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Jointly organised with CSA, the Cybersecurity training (fundamental to advanced levels) for ASCCE (ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence) foreign delegates courses include Fundamentals of Cybersecurity, Security Operations Centre, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering, Cybersecurity Risk Management and Data Security and Governance.

Temasek Polytechnic was engaged by DBS to customise and conduct a series of 16 short courses in entrepreneurship as part of their on-going effort to build entrepreneurship capability in their staff.

Data Security and Governance course for Makino


This is a customised 4-day programme for Makino staff on how to protect their corporate data for both the structured database and unstructured file-based forms through data policies and processes.

Ethical, social, legal and economic issues associated with the use of computers  - a course for MOE teachers. This is a customised 1-day programme to promote awareness and impart security practices and knowledge to MOE teachers.

OCBC Cybersecurity Certification Pathway for OCBC staff


This is a customised two-year programme that helps staff with or without an IT background to upskill themselves with Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Risk Analyst competencies.

Temasek Polytechnic has been conducting the customised “Airline Industry Workshop” for the Officers, Senior Officers and Supervisors from various divisions of SIA. The main objectives of the course are to orientate the participants to the different aspects of the airline industry and to broaden their knowledge of the airline business.

Cybersecurity Risk Management course for GovTech 


This is a customised 2-day programme to equip GovTech staff with skills for prioritising cybersecurity defensive measures based on the various impacts of different threats that they may be facing.

Jointly organised with ST Engineering Cybersecurity Academy (STECA), this customised cybersecurity bridging course for the public (pre-requisite) 3-day programme aims to equip participants with sufficient Cybersecurity knowledge to take the advanced STECA modules.

Temasek Polytechnic conducted the “Building Relationship with Stakeholders” seminar and “Overcoming Negative Emotions and Challenging Situations” course for SPF - Ang Mo Kio Police Division HQ (AMK).

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority

Attorney-General's Chambers


Citibank N.A

Civil Service College

Family Justice Courts

Gardens by the Bay

Institute of Technical Education

Meiban International Private Limited

Ministry of Social and Family Development

Ministry of Law

Singapore Cooperation Enterprise

Singapore Tourism Board


The Law Society of Singapore


5G Fundamentals for All 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will replace the current 4G long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity. With faster downloads and upload speeds, the Internet latency or delays we currently experience with our mobile devices will become a thing of the past. 5G connectivity will impact how we communicate and operate at work, in our businesses and at home. Discover what 5G connectivity can enable, explore future possibilities and business opportunities, and understand its limitations. Your understanding of 5G will help you and your organisation tap into the exciting opportunities that are possible with 5G technology.
Adopting Technology and Automation in the F&B Business With manpower constraints and a declining interest in locals applying for frontline jobs, businesses today struggle with scalability and expansion. This has prompted numerous organisations to adopt technology and embrace automation in their bid to remain productive, scalable, and sustainable. If you have ever wondered how to go about beginning your organization’s journey in adopting technology and automation, then this course will help you discover that. 
Augmented Reality for Enhancing Work Productivity In this course, participants will be introduced to Vuforia Studio as a platform that can transform the existing CAD and IoT data into rich Augmented Reality(AR) experiences embedded with critical information for front-line workers to carry out their work effectively. With reference to the AR industry use case deployed at the smart factory within Temasek Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre, participants will make use of the software and hardware kits to develop AR applications in the form of immersive operation procedures, interactive equipment trainings, as well as remote support tools as part of the workplace improvement projects for productivity gain.
Basic Business Analytics@Work This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to Business Analytics. Participants will grasp the significance of analytics, gain hands-on experience in data handling, and learn to craft interactive dashboards. Moreover, a primer on the application of Generative AI will highlight its revolutionary impact on advanced business analytics.
Creating Graphics with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Digital skills are essential to increasing job capabilities or to perform future jobs. This course will help non-designers acquire skills in digital design software so that they can create graphics content for their own organisations or increase their capabilities to enhance their own career growth. In a world where multi-disciplinary competencies are valued, the practitioner who has the digital knowledge to create graphic content as well as how to make the content visually attractive will be in demand. You will learn from experienced designers who will guide you in grasping composition and layout to create impactful communications that will help your business or product stand out.
Coding for all

If you've been wanting to learn to code but don't know where to start, this course is perfect for beginners like you.

In this entry-level course, you will learn all about programming concepts, including the exciting field of Generative AI. This highly popular course introduces you to coding using the Python programming language through a hands-on and project-based approach.

Coding Without Code – App Creation for Non-Developers This hands-on workshop for beginners will teach participants how to get started with Instagram for personal use but ending with an insight on Instagram for businesses. The advanced level workshop will cover taking organisations’ Instagram accounts to the next level by using the available features to get customers’ attention. Emphasis will be given to success stories from the hospitality and tourism industries.
Data Storytelling In this workshop, participants will learn to communicate data findings, tailored to a target audience, by connecting the dots using compelling narratives and visuals such as storyboarding and visual aesthetics. With the augmentation of Generative AI, participants will also be exposed to efficient methods of crafting these narratives, optimising their storytelling process. This will hopefully make it easier for the audience to catch on the significant message behind the data, help them make more timely and effective decisions, and hence, have a positive impact on the business.
Data Visualisation With advancements in technology, vast amounts of data are being generated every minute. Wading through thousands of rows and columns of data can be overwhelming. What is the best way to make sense of the proliferation of data? One way is through the use of data visualisation. Data visualisation can help you distil large datasets into visual representations that make it easier for people to understand. It enables you to detect patterns and trends and makes the communication of insights more effective.
Generative AI Prompt Engineering for Skills & Productivity Enhancement This 2-day course offers professionals and decision-makers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in prompt engineering, empowering them to maximise productivity by leveraging generative AI in their workplace.
Graphic Design Basics – Create Impactful Marketing Collateral in 1 Day Designing marketing collateral using digital technology helps businesses and organisations create content and display content digitally so that communication can reach consumers more effectively in our digital-enabled world. Having knowledge of design software is just the beginning. Take a step further with this course.

Foundations of Sustainability - Opportunities and Risks What is Sustainability? Why is it important to our future?  This introductory course on Sustainability is intended to build a solid foundation for understanding the basics of Sustainability, the UN Sustainability Development Goals, global warming and the Paris Agreement, and why it is important for all of us to work together to meet each country’s Nationally Determined Contributions.
Life Cycle Analysis for Evaluating Carbon Footprint in Businesses This course will help you understand the basic concepts of sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) as a tool to quantify and assess the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its entire life cycle. This will help organisations make informed decisions around critical environmental drivers, design eco-products, compare products and evaluate mitigation strategies.

Executive Entrepreneurship Programme This 27-hour programme enables the participants to gain an understanding of the basic principles necessary to start and operate a business. This entrepreneurship programme is designed for individuals who have an interest in developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.
Finance for Non-Financial Managers This course gives participants a general understanding of a business environment where individuals have to manage budgets or costs or take responsibility for revenue or expenditure. The workshop introduces non-financial managers to the world of finance, enabling them to understand their organisation’s financial issues and how their decisions affect their organisation’s financial performance. 

Food & Beverage Productivity & Revenue Management Participants will learn to effectively manage restaurant revenue by using techniques such as capacity management, redesigning performance indicators, innovation & capability upgrading, process re-engineering, cost control, menu planning, menu engineering, social media marketing, sales techniques and technology innovation. 

Jump-Start: Applying Behavioural Insights to the Workplace The course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skillsets on how to apply different skills from the Understand-Solve-Evaluate (USE) framework to allow them to initiate and implement a BI initiative within their organisation under the mentoring of an experienced BI practitioner. Upon completion of this course, it is hoped that the participant will also have the required experience and skillsets to independently helm BI initiatives within their organisations in the future.
Bridging Over Troubled Waters – Psychological First Aid Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a caring and compassionate approach to assisting people coping with stressful or traumatic life events. The core aim of PFA is to build people’s own capacity and emotional resilience to recover psychologically by reducing initial distress, meeting immediate needs, promote flexible coping and encourage adjustment by identifying their own strengths and abilities. PFA is based on the understanding that people affected by psychological distress will experience a range of early behavioural reactions that may interfere with their ability to cope. PFA provides calm and hopeful support to help people feel safe, connected to others, able to help themselves, and gain access to effective mental health professional services. This Workshop involves participants in active role plays with possible scenarios of persons in distress. Respectful facilitation of open discussions allows sharing of thoughts and ideas.
Design Thinking in Action - The SEE Cycle Developed and taught by a team of Design educators themselves, the SEE Cycle will help non-designers sift through the jargon and gain insight into the cyclical and highly iterative creative thinking process. Participants will be encouraged to adopt an open and expansive mindset that embraces productive failure, risk-taking and deep inquiry.
Participants will understand the importance of human-centricity as they develop multiple options to address the issues and pain-points of the businesses and organisations they serve. The SEE Cycle framework further creates value by helping participants effectively evaluate and validate the most viable options and ideas, allowing for early failures which keeps organisations from investing a lot of time and money into solutions that ultimately won’t work.
Introduction to Behavioural Insights This course will provide a basic introduction to the field of behavioural insights (BI), which is the application of behavioural sciences to improve policy design, work processes, and service delivery through nudging individuals’ behaviours. BI is highly relevant and applicable to both the public service and commercial sectors.
Participants will learn the following in the course: (a) the importance of applying BI to improve and evaluate work processes in both public service and commercial organisations; (b) common process frameworks in BI, and (c) foundational knowledge on how people behave and think.

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