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5 Strategies for a Stronger Safety Culture & Take your Hotel Service from Ordinary to WOW! New 5S & 7W in Work and Personal Effectiveness 7-Ups for Personal Effectiveness & Coaching For Peak Performance New Basic English Language for Non-native Speakers New CARBs, Friends or Foe Career Transitions for Senior Management & Leading with Purpose - A New Paradigm New Coaching for Leaders Design Principles for Effective Visual Communication New Design Thinking 1.0 Developing Resilience for Life & The 12 Destructive Conflict Styles New Employee Grievance, Discipline & Counselling Energy vs Time Management & Understanding Millennials New Engaging the Disengaged Executing Strategy Effectively & Value-based Leadership During Disruption New How to Break Toxic Conflict Habits New How to Build Your Personal Brand New How to Lead High Performing Teams New How to Think Again to Transform the Organization & Think Across to Innovate and Collaborate New How to be Agile in A Disruptive World & Am I a Toxic Leader? New Human Centred Design Essentials Leadership in Crisis Management & Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict? New Leading Others Leading Self: Mastering Your Life Leading, Controlling & Corporate Social Responsibility Level Up Your English Language New Living Well Matters : Embracing Work Life Harmony Motivation & Team Management Motivation on the Move Organizational Politics & Talent Management And Succession Planning Pitching with Loglines Portrait Drawing for Beginners Preventing Conflict Escalation New Project Management: 20 Ways to be more Effective Refresher Course in Practical Mathematics Reinventing Your Business & De-escalating Conflict in the New Normal New Self-Leadership & 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management New Speak Japanese! Speak Japanese! With Tomodachi Talent Acquisition & Management The Basics of Successful Entrepreneurship The Secrets of Great Teamwork Top 5 Reasons Why Leaders Fail Training Needs Analysis @ Work Transforming Conflict Into Opportunity & The Leader Who Made the Impossible Possible New Unleashing the Greatness in You What Makes Music? Why Do Leaders Get Derailed? Winner's Work Attitude : Unravelling Your Best Potential
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